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An Anti-big-boobed-bunny-Chasity belt. Well I guess thats good for her, but who the hell would wanna have a chastity belt to stop a big boobed bunny like Rei!!!?

Hehehe, Mihari and her chain of cameos continue 😛 Girl, you do so much work for these boys that they can never repay ya for it… even if they came together and made you a star of your own comic *joking tone*

Seriously though, was surprised you made a self-cameo taking a picture of the wrestlers. Zoie would get a big kick out of it

Well now what’s this? Quick knows Sahara? From where might I add (only time they seem to have met is in non canon pics seen somewhere) other than that Quick appears to be mighty confident there with his *ugh* “partner” showing up late for the matches (dunno why she has a disgusted mad look about her)
In my book she should be content to spend some time with Quick regardless of the circumstances

Dang! That belt would need to be very thick and bulky for Reiko not to penetrate it XD

I guess Quick’s team is about to have some “tension” here shortly.

Also, what happened to Mihari’s left eye? I thought during the tennis game with Chrissy, it had a pink fur color around it.

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