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Hmmm……..Gloria seems like a pretty chill mom.

Well, I’m actually impressed that she handled the whole situation well. Pity Quick didn’t clear up the air about the whole girlfriend thing. But I am curious to know why she would think Jazmin when I don’t recall seeing her in the room back there.

They did mention that they’d gone through the place few minutes ago, searching for quick. They could’ve seen Jasmin there, and her having some great… personal outlook quirks, she’s someone you would remember. Even if it is just “that girl with en eye mark”.

maybe he had some photos of Jazmin on his phone? or they just happened to cross paths off camera?

quite possible buut i don’t think Quick has pics of Jazmin in his phone tho

i know for a fact he has more than a few…there quite iiinterestiinnng too

MILF, just being blunt

Mom of the year, with a douchebag for the father. Doesn’t that bastard know that Quick ain’t writing his schedule? I do hope, however, that Quick rechedules that interview at a better time. A job will do him good, but Dad throwing that at him when he’s indesposed? What if he wins that game tournament, gets some cash prizes, and have a nice trophy to show for it?

Am I the only person with the sneaking suspicion that Quick’s mom is going to use this info as leverage?

aww that was very nice and understanding of his mom to help him out and to be of approval of his girlfriend (even tho it appears she did not see chrissy but jazmin instead) we’ll have to await n see when Quick decides to introduce Chrissy to his parents next time

I would not mind a hug like that, and I’m not being gutter-minded when I say that

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