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Loosen Up

Loosen Up published on 32 Comments on Loosen Up

hey guys I was gonna post up a filler this week but since Tony has been busy and could not update any KnuckleUp for two weeks i decided to go ahead and post the ongoing story

Last Update has raised some heated Conversation in the comments and trust me, To all that have a problem with the way Quick’s Parents look I hear you loud and clear  I am working on my flaws in my art every day  ie “same face issue ” and ” young looking Parents ” i know that I cant please everyone and no matter what I do theres always going to be someone to point out my flaws i get that .

in the past such things would have destroyed me but ive learned from my peers and fellow artist to have a thick skin and to learn from all critiques even if they come off mean sounding.

that being said ive learned some really awesome tips from fellow artist ScorpDK  so you will see a slight change in Gloria and Kenny  when you see them again ^_^

see you next week


hey that’s great to hear but you really put some great effort into your works so i wouldnt just say you’re doing “lazy artwork” you have a vision of how Quick’s parents are supposed to look like and they are fine as an example of conceiving children young, do not let the harsh critique of sole or multiple individuals change your artistic vision Godaikun.

Conceiving children young? How young exactly do you expect they’re supposed to be, and how crazily young would they have had to be in order to have a 21-year-old son and still look as young as him or younger? Godai”-kun” is owning up to his flaws and resolving to do a better job, and acknowledged that even if it’s worded in a mean-sounding way, the critique was meant to help. This is a GOOD THING, you white-knighting weeaboo. He will not get any better if you just continuously kiss his ass and tell him his work is perfect. This is part of why Chalo’s work keeps getting progressively more comically off-model and exaggerated, dude.

I don’t know why you even bothered to reply to my comment unless you want to start debating opinions and trading insults with me, in which we’ll both end up losing posting privileges so you mind your own business and don’t answer back to me on any comment section you semantic shmuck you’ve been warned

Because, oh, I don’t know, debating is what the comments section is for?

An artist should always be looking for ways to improve their artwork. You are never ‘as good as you can be’ with art. Sameface Sydrome is a problem because it can make characters hard to tell apart if you need to show close-ups of their face. Its especially important when you use the art style that most Katbox artists have in common – when all heads are rounded, you need to emphasize facial structure. I hadn’t heard of the “Young Parents” things before, but I can certainly see why it would be a problem.

Basically, if artists don’t change, they stagnate. They don’t get better, and in many cases, they get worse. It’s fine to tell an artist that they are doing great work. It is not fine to tell them ‘never to change your artistic vision’, because you are doing them a disservice.

No problem.

If you can look back at the artwork you did six months ago and sigh with disgust at all the mistakes you can spot in it, then you’ve improved. It might feel nice to ignore all your mistakes, but it feels much better knowing that you’ve corrected them.

RedDwarf I am perfectly aware that to change is to improve your art style I too am an artist and know to learn of mistakes in drawing via trial n error over the years on and off, the reason I replied to Al in such a manner was because he wanted to start trading insults with me and was telling him to stop doing so in any comment section he may see my posts at. and I definitely don’t want to get mihari’s attention with these little debates that have nothing to do with the comic page at hand.

trust me mr cinnamon trading insults or “flaming” in a comment section is never a great thing it’s counterproductive and can lead to 2 things #1 the parties getting their posting privileges removed/banned #2 the possibility of the comment section being removed entierly like it happend with las lindas, so encouraging people to fight verbally is a fools errand
not that i’m insulting you or anyone else per say, i was just telling Al to stop arguing with me with needless postings here until RedDwarf intervened replying to me without knowing what caused this in the 1st place, as i’m NOT here to fight with anyone

Hm…I’m somewhat slightly confused here. I personally didn’t see Raven giving up on Quick so much. Granted that she has been chasing him for years, I’m somewhat shocked at how quick Raven has matured in this arc. I also didn’t think she would buddy up with Chrissy that fast.

Dang, it’s that late!?

Woooo! Not bitch Raven is here 😀 I’m really happy about this cause I adore Raven for her design and snarkyness but she always used her snark for evil so I couldn’t fully root for her 🙁 BUT NOW SHE SNARKS FOR GOOD SO ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD!!!

There are ways to get young looking old people in real life. Face lifts being one, up to a point. I’ve meet someone like that, the creepy part is no matter how smooth the skin you can see there age in their eyes. It’s those fine wrinkles that do it, things 20-somethings just don’t have usually. I just assumed that between being wealthy and having fur that Quick’s parents just had access to better cosmetic options.

On a different note. Undergrad 20-somethings in what amounts to sleepwear raiding the 6 am local college buffet… either it was a long night (which it was) or going to be a really long day (waiting for the locksmith).

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