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Looks like Liona has herself a man

Glad your doing better

Also when will goyoku update again I wanna know why Riko is so afraid of mud?

that Part of Reiko’s Personality has been Forever deleted due to it not making much sense in the long run Especially since She has been seen previously Splashing around at the Beach apoligies for the Confusion

Woah that technique looks cool, dangerous and forbidden but still cool. Woah did not see this coming but Crissy walking in on them, Classic.

Glad to hear your finally feeling better

Ok this was kinda unexpected that Liona and her bodyguard were a couple? I guess Liona has gotten over Quick n got herself her own boyfriend (siigh them’s de break)
Anyways Chrissy you’d think of Knocking on people’s door rather than just barging right in, my guess is Liona will use the movie scene practice as to why they’re smooching here XD. Well til next time (hope you’ve recovered nicely too Godai) also my previous post disappeared???

So Reiko ran away from her duties and responsibilities to screw around with Skylar and to top it all off she has this hidden power but instead of using it she cowers from it. What a waste. I know I heavily criticized Jazmin, but I am routing for her. She has the determination and dicipline that Reiko lacks, but Reiko is the better fighter and Jazmin lives in her shadow which puts her in a embarrasing position. As for Liona, she made herself look like a ditz in the fifth panel.

Being a baby sister myself, I can relate to Jazmin all too well. My older siblings drove me crazy throughout my childhood. I was always destined to be the “odd one out”.
Well, if I am so destined to walk a different path from the rest of the family, so be it. I shall excel at what I do, and be proud of myself for it.
And even though this is a fictional story, I hope Jazmin does the same.

WELCOME BACK!!! Glad to hear you’re getting better!
“Kiss of a rose on the gray”?
Why does that sound like a line from one of Seal’s songs?

damn AJ looks good, and who the hell’s Xavier anyway, does any one got a link to a picture or comic page of him I can look him up on, or has he not made an appearance in Project Zero yet?

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