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Just a Friend

Just a Friend published on 38 Comments on Just a Friend

This page took me all day XD but im glad to finally bring it to you guys

you will notice the new design in Quicks parents last time they looked like they found the fountain of youth but now I attempt to give them an older look  Enjoy folks and get ready for more updates

thanks again for the Patreon support Love you all !


1. Rei and Jaz’s mom has best curves!

2. The fact that Quicks parents are there with Jaz’s mom, is spelling “I’m so screwed” for Quick.

Somehow I saw this coming, I just kind of hoped it wouldn’t be so soon. Quick’s father seems a tad embarrassed right now which I find satisfying after his introduction to us which was mere hours earlier in the time-line. As for Quick’s mother, she’s so far off base this is going to spawn the massive sh*t-storm I expected, I look forward to it. (Man I’m an evil lil sh*t aren’t I?)

On a different note, the curves, there is no escape.

And the awkward meter goes up another notch!!

We still have an awkward meter? i figured that thing had self combusted and it’s ashes blown away by now 😛

HEY! you stole my line

Noo I stole BENDERS line 😛

you stole it from me and I used it A LOT on Anthronauts, and I got it from Bender because it worked

haha, note how her mother even said it “this the guy knocking you up?”

making slight “pervy” fun of her own daughter having a male friend drive her over there. (it’s kinda like most bunnies have sex in mind most of the time and others do not XD)

its a bit more serious than that. this is a direct callback to

i have not forgotten about that buut notice that it is just a suggestion and not an actual description that she is telling Jazmin over the phone, this can’t possibly be the same instance that Kyoko is calling her over for
you have to see it is merely CIRCUMSTANCIAL. not being in denial here (i just “know” stuff)

My point is that the mother is not making “pervy” fun of her daughter. She WANTS grandchildren, she wnats her daughter pregnant. other wise it would have been ” is this your lover?” “is this your boyfriend/fiance?”. No instead she explicitly expressed it as “is this the guy knocking you up”. Her central focus was on pregnancy.

Also the mother explicitly stated, “lets just cut to the chase”, that the actual matter is that she’s bringing up the news of a guy cause she wants her daughter to bear her children (and not all the other stuff like money,etc). She’s gone after the older daughter about this but it didnt go anywhere.

Whatever she called her over for is irrelevant (though it might be that the previously mentioend “rich donating family with a single son” is actually quick’s family) at this point. The mother stopped talking about formal business the moment she noticed a man with her husband.

Given the mothers serious personality, she wouldnt stop official business unless it was something important. Thus getting grandchildren is very important to her.

maybe so but aren’t you failing to look at the picture ,
she is being adamant of wanting her daughter give her grandchildren yet she should try to put herself in Jazmin’s shoes about being forced to marry someone
just for continuing the family line, unless that’s how she became mother to both Jazmin and Reiko. (then my point became moot)

Welcome to having a conversation with BlackWind. Its almost like an initiation into Rascals.

-Throws Confetti everywhere-

Yes, I agree with your point. She does indeed want grandchildren. She already knows Reiko isn’t putting out for the family at this point, Jazmin is sortive her go to for the kids.

You are not interpreting the situation shown here. You are giving your viewpoint on what you think is going to happen, arguing with someone else who is giving a rather nice idea and telling them you are wrong by stating ‘You know stuff’.

You aren’t ‘trying’ you are forcing. And its not nice. And its shown by the way nearly everyone talks to you. Chill out a little bit, let people have their discussions, and have fun.

ok for my observation this has the makings of great misunderstandings as #1 Quick just gave Jazmin a lift to her mother’s place
#2 the actual “pervy” joking comment Kyoko just made set an awkward moment for her daughter in which she is Clearly trying to negate such asumptions (tho she wishes it were true by her last comment)
#3 the fact that Quick’s parents are there is another awkward coincidence since this is not the “meeting with client” date that his father told him so asumptions could mean disaster in the long run (especially with mom saying “I knew it I knew they were doing it” comment) it’s like both moms just have sex in the brain of sorts ^_^;

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