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*raises hand* I’ll bid you $800 for those pics madam.


*raises hand* I will Bid for $1000


Now, if Quick was smart, he would use this to become the envy of his entire group of friends.

Or at least the envy of Ravin.

Somebody get us a master Thief to get in there and steal those pics of Quicks hot sis!!

*Goes to find Kasumi Gato*

My last week’s guess that Quick’s new job may increase Chrissy’s insecurities may be spot on if he really will be managing photo shoots. More so if some require the models to be nude or topless. And even more so if she visits Quick while he is working in the studio or a nearby on-site location.

There’s still hope for Jasmine fans that she and Quick will date.

ok this might be a great job for Quick but seriously it is obvious he would feel nervous/distressed by seeing his SISTER in Nude pics, does the term incest bait come to mind? tho i don’t think so since he clearly won’tdisgrace the family by doing something with his sister’s pics as he mentioned there, thing is how will Chrissy respond to this?

Have you ever considered his sister has taken that into account? After all, SHE knew who Quick was gonna hook up with before HE did.

Let me clarify that. She was having some ‘girl-to-girl’ while Quick was trying to (unsuccessfully) clear up the ‘Jasmine’ problem with his and Jasmine’s parents.

Just wait until Quick sees the pic of Crissy and his sister together.


uhh,,, I i don’t think Chrissy and Jen got too close together for any pics to be taken that plus she still does not know so much about Chrissy just yet n vice versa

not at that time, you’re right, but they were talking together.

I truly have no doubt Jen was already hatching this scheme when she met Crissy and decided to add her in it. After all, arranging things with ‘daddy’ should have taken SOME time.

I really don’t think she would have a difficult time convincing Crissy to go along with it.

No way Chrissy will go for it considering what she went through to get back with Quick and no matter how many sexy gals may “throw” themselves at him he’s not going to cheat on her despite the many taunts n teases he’s been in

THAT I can not argue with.

Quick is a very reliable and trustworthy person. Of course, because of that and his family connections (which he seems particularly devoted to avoiding), he is VERY attractive to any female who ‘discovers’ him.

Crissy has a wonderful ‘catch’, she knows it, and she will do ANYTHING to keep him. That would include doing what Jen wants, if Jen convinces her she should.

JUST AS I SUSPECTED! Im not surprised when his sister mentioned about her former photographer. He quited his job due to “high blood pressure”. And when she said “high blood pressure”, I knew what she ment by that.

As for Trevor! TREVOR! Why dont you get lost?! Get out of the building and STAY OUT!!!

Yep. She definitely did this to fuck with him, hence the “This is gonna be fun” line. She’ll probably get the models to be flirty with him, even if she doesn’t they will probably be flirty anyway, we all know this is going to raise hell with Chrissy at some point but we should hope that it doesn’t!

Someone kill me already xD

burial or cremation??

Burial xD

excellent choice, ill get my shovel

I don’t know why is everybody thinking Jen has something sinister planned.
She doesn’t have to do anything for it to fun Quick will embarass himself on his own without some scheme.

OKay, five bucks says that the girls in the comic so far are going to get hired on as models, all of them are good enough to be models.

ok, I have one question: Why would she hand him naked pics of herself
and Quick’s reaction seems pretty legit, no matter how hot they are, older sisters wlll always be the anti-hotness

so…we are just gonna accept the fact that she is dressed in a pokeball shirt despite being the director, has car-go elevator, and is just sitting back as a random guy she just met and is an obvious perve is asking her little brother for nudes of her, specifically from him because aperantly she just hired her little brother to take these kind of pictures….. this woman scares me

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