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I’m betting on Isabella accidentally ripping Skye’s pants off during the match and it being called off due to mature content. 😛

Not all are for that. There was a wrestling match where one of the female wrestlers lost there tops on wwe, they did not stop it.

hold on!!! that actually happened??? i thought that was just a myth

Nope, I was watching that match on the tv, they were airing it live and it was pretty dang shocking and funny. It was a while back though. They do not reshow that match cause of what happened. It is one of the few times you get to see what happens in WWE when something not in the script occurs.

Dude trust me, you didn’t miss much, the match didn’t last long after that. The woman who won that match won cause the girl who lost her top just couldn’t keep fighting while trying to keep covered, so she decided to run. It was one of the funniest unscripted things on WWE to occur.

He took the bait…

*sigh* Dammit Skye, you seriously gotta learn not to be baited like that

Skye, you’re gonna get owned.

He should’ve made her Earn the title match not just give her the chance out of a whim

True he should have done that but why do you people think he is gonna lose.
Think about it none of us has ever seen Skye fight, AND he is the champion. Do you think he got that title by asking for it nicely? Since all of you are against him im putting my bet on Skye.

Its not that I want to be against him but the thing is in order to face the champion you are supposed to earn the shot at the title match unless you have a special official challenge made by a representative not just walk up out of the blue and say you want a title match by boasting and taunting, but evidently for story sake that is being overlooked

Well if you listened to him, he clearly wasn’t taking her seriously by saying he has reservations in his “log ranch” that right there is an indication that he’s making fun of her, soo she went and made the taunting oath to take his belt if he had the balls to take up her challenge which he fell for her taunt
Now to see if he can back up his champion status against her unknown style

Given how stories work, there’s going to be one of two outcomes:

Skye gets his pride beaten into the floor, OR

Skye wins, but Miss Kane forces him to work for it, impressing him enough to make some sort of deal so that we see more of her.

I suppose Skye could her pretty behind as a floor mop, but that’s not nearly as interesting.

While erveryone else seems to be betting on the fight, I’m trying to figure out this gals species. Judging by her ears she’s not another tiger… I’m thinking she may be a striped hyena…

lmao, a female against a male in the wrestling ring??? And you guys think she is going to win??? Bwahahahahahaha.. the ONLY way she is going to beat Skye is by cheating, it is just a fact that male athletes will out perform female athletes in damn near every sport especially when it comes to wrestling, it’s just basic physiology. Any other outcome is just a stupid plot trick.

Dude where have you been living at? Female wrestlers are NOT just entertainment some of these women got skills and some got strength to go toe to toe with males, and if it’s a no DQ match she can fight dirty too so get with the program women aren’t the “weaker sex” no more

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