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Well at least she wasn’t fired. I can understand the suspension but losing title shot has got to hurt.

Just because she accidentally ran into the boys’ locker room? That’s just stupid. If I were Izzy, I’d challenge the boss to a wrestling match just to put him in his place. XD

Thing is she did not go in by accident she just barged in there and mouthed off at Skye without realizing whom else was there

Ok, yeah, but that punishment is still way too harsh. Perhaps just make her pay with money or something. I mean, come on. I hate that boss.

Methinks that boss was looking for an opportunity to stall the title shot and ensure that his boy Skye hangs onto the belt for as long as possible.
Sadly, Issy gave him that opportunity…

Are you kidding me!? Thats not fair at all! Man all that hype for the match and now, nothing. That was such a huge waist, she should have have still had her title shot and not get suspended thats bullcrap and i hate that she was done like that.

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