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pics or it didnt happen :v

news flash Bong the pic is there in her hand so it DID happen!

could be psychic paper :0 we cant take that chance we must see proof :0 all of the proof :v

If these two dating I swear… It Will be the Funnest thing.

Having just started reading the comic from the start again, then flipping back to the most recent page, I’ve noticed that the bust size of most characters went from reasonably proportional, to comically huge.

It was the page ‘Private Film’ that made me start thinking this…Especially when looking at Old Reiko compared to New Reiko, I know she’s meant to be a fun character that you don’t take seriously, she’s awesome…But I really think it was more the way her personality was written that showed this.

These days Reiko’s emphasis seems to be focused on her extreme bust size.

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