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I want that sammich.


I know right!

Now that the funny is out of the way, I would like to take this opportunity to get a little more serious in the matter here.

I’m still in agreement with Ravin’s comment on last weeks post about Quick wearing his hear on his sleeve. It’s abundantly clear that he wants her and she wants him. The whole blow out with the her past and her ex would drive anyone crazy. I do understand where most people are coming from with the whole (nice way of putting this) Chrissy’s “emotionally issues,” but I can understand her point too. She doesn’t want the same thing to happen again.

Now this does bring up something interesting however. I wonder if Quick is actually giving her a second chance. If so, how is this going to end with Jazmin?

she will become surprised maybe nervous some and put on the spot when Quick decides to ask her out on a date for a change so it will also be the test of wills between her and Chrissy as to whom should have him

I don’t think it will come between a ‘test of wills’ at all.

If anything, Chrissy is going to, figuratively speaking, ‘sit and spin’ to think on this.

If I had to put my money on something, I would say Jaz actually may not be THAT upset if things between her and Quick don’t work out, or if they even try. Shes…far to mature. Sure…crazy and slightly emotional, I fear her more than Reiko in terms of wrath and anger, but everyone here has seen how mature and loving Jaz can be. Shes passionate and a sweetheart. I don’t think its going to, ‘End with her hating him.’

Who knows, maybe Jaz and Quick hit it off real good and Chrissy turns into a lesbian with Raven. Then some spinoff of, ‘menage a trio’ comes on with a surprise threesome! With Ravin in the background giving Quick a highfive.

If you couldn’t notice my sarcasm in the last part, you should go dunk your head in some water.

But seriously, this is a positive move. Even if Chrissy and Quick ‘don’t’ get back together. It has nothing to do with ,’who should have him’ its, ‘what makes him happy.’

Chrissy, isn’t making him happy with her antics, and I am glad Quick FINALLY picked himself up and is giving Chrissy a chance to do something.

Now, what Chrissy does next…whenever she makes her move, will be very important, or very problematic. And I can’t wait to see her fly into the air, or crash and burn because regardless of the outcome, its gonna be good.

I agree, I don’t think things would end badly between Quick and Jaz. I’m sure that she might get at least a little angry if things go south, but in the long run I think she would forgive him as long as he stays honest with how he feels. If he does that, then I’m pretty sure Reiko will make sure that Jaz understands the situation.

As for Chrissy, a line has been drawn in the sand. Quick has basically given her an “if you want me, come and get me” ultimatum. Granted, I think he still might be feeling some buzz off his WE’RE MEN speech two comics back, but that’s not a bad thing. She now knows that he’s still interested in her, but now it’s up to her to make things happen, otherwise she’s going to miss out. She’s gotta decide just how bad her ‘mistake’ was, and how much she wants to fix it.

Hm…I agree with you; however while reading this comment, two random thought occurred.

(1)If memory serves correctly, wasn’t Quick hesitant at first to tell Chrissy how he really felt? If memory serves correctly, it took him two years. I’m not quite sure how much time has passed from their mutual break up to now (almost seems like a week or something).

(2)I have my suspicion on this for some time now, but I believe Quick might actually be the “young suitor” Kyoko mentioned to Jazmin earlier in the arc. Young…rich…kind of leads itself to that if one thinks about it.

Yes, he didn’t tell her because he believed money changes people and he didn’t want her to see him for his money.

Which is…exactly what happened when she found out. She thought he was someone he wasn’t.

And I will be a hundred percent honest. I kinda feel like the whole… ex boyfriend thing is a bit exaggerated by Chrissy. My reasoning being, her boyfriend was never rich when they dated, but then when he got money, he became a douchebag.

Quick always had money, managed it well, and just lived a simple life. Chrissy invaded his privacy, blew up the situation, and made an emotional drama mess out of the situation which was never a problem to begin with.

Their whole breakup, is really on her hands. Sure, you could say MAYBE Quick should have said something, but they weren’t married, or seriously dating at the time, his income is his business. I mean she looked into his BANKING records through a friend of hers who is a police officer.

If this was any other girl, I am sure we would all be saying shes batshit insane and needs some help. But we all (most of us) love Chrissy and want her to get her head on straight.

as someone who knows firsthand. there’s a big difference between new-money and old-money. that’s the difference between quick and Chrissy’s Ex. unless someone already has allot of self control, coming into wealth is very emboldening. old money such as a rich family background however, is allot more straightforward, either you come from an ethical family or you didn’t.

(note: this is all firsthand experience growing up in the most well educated city in the US.)

I think what Quick is saying is that if she wants to fight for him, she had better do it herself. He isn’t going to beg her to come back but he isn’t going to wait for her anymore either. I am damn proud of Quick, cause I don’t think he is going to feel bad about this move.

this is a bold move of Quick but at the same time he is indirectly setting Chrissy up for a test of wills and Resolve so basically it’s what you are saying Sepher, if she wants Quick back she’s going to have to step up and claim him otherwise step aside and move on so to speak. correct!

Franky I am proud of Quick here. He is not crawling back to Chrissy or begging her to give him another chance. By that statement he has made it clear that he is going to move on and if she wants him back, then she had better fight for him herself. Can’t stress this enough: Chrissy you brought this upon yourself.

maybe so but the true test of Love shall begin without being forced into it let’s just hope she is determined enough to take the test, and on the other hand we’ll also see how Jazmin responds to Quick’s invitation to go out somewhere with good intentions in mind

Uh…what just happened?

apparently Chrissy got in the way

No, Chrissy did NOT get in the way… she pretty much stepped aside for Quick to go right on by. She said she made a mistake by breaking things off, and then…nothing. She obviously isn’t interested enough in Quick to step up and say so, and Quick just showed he’s got some brass ones, after all. Ooooohhh, Jaaazzmiiiiinnn…. πŸ˜€

she is interested, she just didn’t want cause problems with any relationship Quick might develop with someone else.
and for the record my dumbass brother wrote the previous comment

more like tin

Everyone is feeling direct tonight, huh?

buddy this is barely a start to it XD sometimes we have good debates and sometimes your insult trade offs which is sad most times.
but over all it’s our individual views and opinions of the characters actions driving us to speak out ^^

I got one question for u Blackwind

hmm? as long as it’s sensible i’m listening o_o

Guilt Trip, FAILED!

Good play Quick! We are all proud of you.

we are???

Sure. Quick’s made his position clear. He’s basically issued an ultimatum to Chrissy: “I still like you, and given the choice I’d like to be with you, but now it’s your turn to take the risk. If you want me, come and get me.”

I don’t think Chrissy is going to make a move right away though. She’s still rather unsure of herself and is held back by her previous hang-ups.

Do we really have to call it a guilt trip? Considering all she went through, can’t we say that it’s more of a break?

I thought the same at first.

But when she said, ‘but it seems like you have already made your decision’ is no longer a ‘break’. Shes playing the field and trying to make Quick make a choice. Shes trapping him without meaning to because been so hung up on her that this whole thing has nothing to do with his decision. It was ALL on her. She was the one who broke it off and hes been the one having to wait and being miserable.

Even if she didn’t intend it to be a guilt trip, it was. And I have to hand it to Quick for playing it like a Pro.

…Wow. Did I just suddenly hear brass hitting the floor?
Quick, you earned 50 points with that one line. Way to go for you. ^^

Doesn’t anyone else want to see Chrissy with Quick? I mean hey, its a nice match, I personally find Jaz kind of annoying, she seems to be a live by the rules kind of person.

It is obvious that Quick is still waiting for Chrissy, but with the help of his friends, quick has finally seen the light! I am referring to the last comic before this one mainly cause it flows nicely into this one with the “advice/ultimatum” Quick has given Chrissy. Quick’s confusion that had kept him from pursuing anyone but waiting for Chrissy to get her act together, but that is over with the look that quick is giving Chrissy plus there was that piece of advice he told her, i can imagine the monologue in quick’s head as he gave her the advice. ” I care about you Chrissy, a lot, but i am through waiting, i knew this break was a bad idea, but i am going to make the most of it. Show me a sign that you feel the same way or i am done.” Or is that just me?

Screw chrissy, she had way to many chances, Quick needs to move on, this ain’t healthy for him. I’ve been there, I did everything for my on again off again girl friend, you know what I got? 5yrs wasted on her. She kept finding things wrong, I worked too much, so I changed that, then we didn’t have enough money, so I got a better job, then I didn’t pend enough time with her, then I spent too much time with her. QUICK BROTHER, RUN, RUN AND NEVERE LOOK BACK!!!!

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