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Called I so fking called it. Chrissy is a boss, and also first comment.

sorry to say so but that is such B.S we’ll need “Pics” or it didn’t happen (yes I’m calling you out!!! show us what’cha got) and against whom is she fighting it out with!

Ha! any character can be useful if ya know how to play with them. Assuming the opponent isn’t spamming some over powered character.

Also it’s the finals of a gaming tournament so they have to at least some what decent to make it that far, and unless they are like Raven (distracted by bouncing boobs) then I doubt there is much to all out.

*throws a big blue shell!*

*Dodges* Only works in Mario bro

You can never dodge the all mighty blue shell! *throws very big and scary blue shell!*

Whait what did raven do to get out?

Her character got beaten while she was distracted

and here she thought she was this badass player while getting owned herself, seems like Chrissy is gonna have to make up for their shortcomings and pull a win somehow (as unrealistic as it may sound) unless her game is really that “AMPPED” up (no pun towards AMP) XD

Alwyas, always ALWAYS focus on what YOUR character is doing…I still remember winning so many Halo tournaments, cause people thought, oh I am invisible and safe, I’ll watch and comment on the lady with the shotgun…little realizing that you can still be seen if you are idle, and carrying a gigantic f’in energy sword. In this case, standing around in a fighting pose doing nothing while visible, makes you just as big a target. 😉

Heh.. Crapcom. I see what you did there.

Heh indeed as they have stopped producing decent quality games by doing some character rehashes and few game tweaks just to pass it as a sequell or side variant of a series game. they’ve lost some of their creative edge IMO.

DANG!!! I can believe Raven and Ravin were pawned in less than what appears to be 10 and a half seconds.
But yeah…I totally saw this coming. I have to say that I’m impressed with Chrissy’s stick handling skills.

you gotta remember she has bf that probably go goes against her when they play, a game like this and i think she also watches and knows what to do.. i know me and my wife does the same thing when we play street fighter on are snes{ when we want pure gaming}{not on the pc}

I think Jupiter is better off waiting for a different rescue, cause this isn’t a rescue, its a war on two fronts just waiting to happen. lol

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