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This is going to be a bigger train wreak then Eddie murphy singing career XD (Look it up)

maybe even bigger than Paris Hilton’s acting career

Prepare for incoming proposal! *hides in bunker*

You have to give him props though, he picked a good way to start.

yeah a grab and a kiss good opening now lets see how he follows

what makes a man, is it the woman in his arms?
just cause she has big titties?
or is it the way, he fights every day?
No, it’s probably the titties.

now you’re a man, a man, man, man.
now you’re a ma-man, a ma-ma-ma-ma-man
now you’re a man, M-A-N man, man.
man, man, maan.

now you’re a man.


Quick jumped to conclusions rather… uh… quickly.

Nice to see he takes on responsibilities head on and… sigh… quickly

I hope she accepts or lets him down easy.

Of course, she could also tell him about the mistake he made jumping to that conclusion. That still doesn’t make the anticipated proposal invalid.

You know, with the way the text is written, I initially thought that this is all but a dream starting after the second panel; however, I’m pretty certain that this is legit. I must give kudos for Quick as he did not just totally run out of there like a scared man. Then again, he doesn’t strike me as the kind of man that would do that.

I can see one of two things happening here…

He’s going to start freaking out on the next page and ask if she is in fact pregnant.
He’s going to propose.
I highly doubt that he would call it off even if it were a misunderstanding as he’s not that kind of man; however, Chrissy might.

WARNING: emotional clusterf*** ahead. Abort! ABORT!

oh look is that a fan with shit on it and…oh no!! its about to explode!!!!

again i say called it!!!

Nice touch with the Kibbles picture. 😀
Also, I’ll have to re-read a few slides, I’m so confused whether she’s pregnant or not…

She’s not… or it least, she doesn’t even think so. The pregnancy being referred to is one of her friends.

The only reason Quick thinks she is so is a comment Reiko made.

It’d be a true and wonderful surprise if Crissy IS, but doesn’t know. When she finds out, she’d think Quick is some kind of psychic.


I just realized the arrogance of his idea “make you the happiest woman in the world”. I’m not saying he’s wrong (I pretty sure she will be very happy), but it shows he DOES have a good idea of self-worth.

It’s about time he stopped being a pushover.

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