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So um
what are they implying that quick has seen “them” before?

Let’s think about what Quick does for a living now.

Now lets think about the fact that Quick lives with Skye.

Also take into consideration the sort of people Skye and Reiko are, and how ‘enthusiastic’ they are about their relationship.

It should be mentioned that, when it comes to her body, ‘shameless’ is an understated description of Reiko.

TL;DR ‘them’ refers to Reiko’s frankly awesome boobs.

I swear Reiko is gonna end up killing Quick if his girlfriend doesn’t do it first.

I don’t think so. His girlfreind (whose name I can’t remember at the moment) knows how devoted Quick is to her AND how much he gets ‘teased’ constantly.

After what she has gone thru before she finally understood all that, she’s not going to chance getting angry at him until she understands the situation.

Besides, Reiko’s her BFF

*sigh* the things I do for the dead. (-_-) *starts digging quick’s grave!*

Put away that shovel this is nothing new at all for Quick, if he has seen Rei’s royal orbs for free is a “friend with benefits” kinda deal tho she respects Quick a lot and has never forced herself on him

Well it seems little Isabella liked her “encounter” with Rei that has left her thinking about her, buut now that she does call her enthusiasm goes a little down when hearing her teasing Quick over the phone, lets see how she reacts to this

Well, in all fairness to Rei, Isa knew that she was already in a relationship, unless she’s been conveniently ‘forgetting’ that fact.

actually Shade i dont think Rei told izzy she n Skye are an item therefore its why she has missed Rei after their little “romping” when she got plastered,
but I’D bet that when she sees Quick’s sister or where Rei works that she would wanna switch careers in the instant XD

“i don’t think Rei told izzy she n Skye are an item” that we have seen. It’s entirely possible that Rei told her after their ‘romping’ as you so delicately put it. And if she didn’t, then she really should have, because that’s how disasters and heartbreaks happen. We get more than enough of those from Quick, and it isn’t like Reiko hasn’t had time.

I know we’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Quick, You Lucky Son of a Gun!

Well, now I really envy Quick.

are you sure about that?

Take it from someone who has been there (well, not quite to the same extreme). It can be downright harrowing and even terrifying.

LOL. but what a way to go

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