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so, who is the father?

probably her ‘bodyguard’. You all remember Nick, right?

Agreed. Notice the clever shot on the belly in panel 2.

Did Chrissy get her hair cut? Or is it just tied into a ponytail?

Is that a week later or a month later from the last chapter? When did Chrissy got a haircut?

Any ideas, mastergodai?

I’m gonna go with food poisoning or she’s knocked up.

maybe the drink she had plus shaking her boobs while happy made her throw up, especially if that drink is some fresh juice the acidity of a juice can make people puke when it comes back up y’know

If she is experiencing morning sickness, then the timeframe is abou 7-10 weeks after she didn’t check if he was or wasn’t wearing protection. And, she’s never heard of birth control? She can be such a ditz and an airhead. Whatever quantity of brain she posesses must be in her bosom.

Geez.. everyone jumping on the pregnancy wagon. Can’t someone get so excited that their stomach can’t handle it? I admit I had my nauseous moments cause of excitement. I’m also glad I never went through morning sickness with my lil girl.

why is everyone thinking Liona is pregnant just because of a little morning sickness?
she has a bubbly personality that makes her adorable but she’s not a ditz, she probably got sick after having that drink of hers and jiggling her ample bosom excited about getting a new role,
i’m just glad to see her back on scene as for Chrissy’s haircut that makes her look Chic and ready for summer time

You hardly ever (like 1 in 1000) show morning sickness unless you show the cause in the page before or it is the first page.
It’s not necessarily correct but most of us get a strong felling she is pregnant.

Probably pregnant. Though I thought inter-species babies weren’t possible going off Rei and Skye who bang at any possible moment. On a different note, I have never seen/heard “hork” for puking, usually “Blegh~” or something similar, its funny trying to imagine it. :3

Reikos mom said Reiko didn’t want to have kids.

Well, to be specific their mom said –

“-your sister seems intent on keeping me waiting” /Mother-Knows-Best
So I don’t think its a matter of /not/ wanting kids, but maybe she’s on the pill? I was just taking species into account, Quick’s parents both are squirrel so it seems like it matters. :/

Im not sure species matter.
Look at the rascals world :A LOT of species.
if they can’t have children outside their own species a good number would be extinct.
Yeas let me rephrase that original one: Reiko’s mom said Reiko didn’t want to have kids yet. my bad πŸ˜›

not to be NaΓ―ve but the mere assumption that Liona is pregnant without solid proof is preposterous
tho not saying that it’s impossible just saying it’s too early to tell of sorts,
on another note i’m digging Chrissy’s Captain Marvel t-shirt and new haircut kinda like Billy Batson
Shazam!!! XD

The reasons for vomitting, or having the urge to vomit in public, are few, from personal experience. First, too much alcohol. Unless Liona holds her liquor really well, that can be ruled out. Second, food poisoning. That malady occurs within 6 hours of consuming the tainted food. Considering how curvaceous and healthy she appears to be, Liona monitors what she chooses to eat and drink. Third, morning sickness from pregnancy. The fourth and only possible alternative in this situation, is that Liona is temporarily ill with the flu. In my experience of contracting viruses that induce vomitting as a symptom, there is a progressive downward slide until you physically empty the contents of your digestive tract. Emptying the contents of your digestive tract first sounds slightly preposterous. Liona appears to be in excellent physical condition.
I have never met anyone that vomitted after being blessed with good fortune, nor has that reaction happened to me. Vomitting as a symptom has occurred to friends that excessively worried about simultaneous events that were happening in their lives.

But you cannot deny if you have had any kind of juice or drink with acidic properties and if it’s been in your system for a while when you have some motions it can come back up your trachea and make you puke kinda instantly due to reflex (not saying that i’m correct but that is the other logical possibility) and if she is pregnant then hurray for her then

I’m in favor of the Liona pregnancy, but I can vouch for what Blackwind is saying. A couple days ago I was drinking OJ and playing an MMO. I got a .01% drop I wanted, got excited, and then needed a new keyboard. Not really in public, but OJ is definitly acidic. So excitement + acidic beverage = nausea that can be acted upon without other symptoms.

I’m not 100% convinced that Liona’s pregnant and there are 3 reasons why. Reason 1: Did Nick and Liona even have sex? Reason 2: There’s no way Liona could get pregnant in such a short time That would be next to impossible. Reason 3: How long have Nick and Liona known each other? I mean the whole thing seems unlike but I’m not ruling out the possibility since Liona did just throw up. Supposedly, we have to see what occurs in the next page.

1: Yes they did.
2:Think about how long Nick and her are together. Plenty time to get pregnant.
3: Maximum time is since Liona’s introduction and maybe even before.
Minimum 2-3 weeks since Nick said he was geting tired of hiding it after Chrissy and Lionas

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