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Hahahaha I knew they would lose so where’s money a-holes? >=)

come on they’re not that big…okay who am i kidding? but i would love to get wrecked by those thighs!

Is it bad that I agree with you on that one? XD

Not. At. All.

Ok good then I’m going to go into the rascal universe. That’s right people you can travel to fictional universe to you just need to realize about them being on different plans or reality. Also be sure to pinpoint a landing place the spells, and well machine for me(watch) can be bad about good landing points.

sorry to disrupt your travel plans but we are all hereby confined to this dimension due to a interdimensional Lock therefore all current attempts both mechanically and magically have been sadly blocked by temporal arcane displacement, we apologize for the inconvenience Good day.

A little late for that buddy I already got through. (gotta love the cybernetic clones). I actually though this would happen so I went last week, and am currently enjoying life in a new form. Only problem is this whatever form you choose you are stuck in it, and once ya get to the dimension your traveling to you are stuck in it. Yeah there were set backs. However you can still visit you old world, but can stay there since you now officially apart of the world you traveled too.

However life isn’t so back at least I got a good species (fennec fox) since everyone one an anthro in rascals. Also if anyone is wondering how i’m sending messages to another dimension… well I said cybernetic clone so I can transmit messages through him at times. He just thinks it’s his idea.

i don’t know how you managed to “slip through” the dimentional fabric to that universe, as this has been implemented for over a decade. (guess it’s time for a general system stability check up)
as for transmissions that is also supposed to be impossible due to the transdimentional static in communication systems (probably also due to a check up)

Eh I had alot of time to think about it, alot of determination, paid attention in class, smart friends, friend with military family, and military family in two different countries. Also been thing about it for a while. Plus since the dimensional boundaries, limitations, and restrictions for fictional realities are very different, and more flexible/bendable than those for actually more realistic realities. Not to mention the countless variants of realities includes one where our reality may be a fictional one.So ya need to go through all the theories, figures, and ideals. (In all honest it took a while, but lucky age can be altered a little between realities).

*siiigh* here we go again with another misconception being witnessed, and it’s not helping that Raven is making innuendos thinking Jazmin is going to “bump ugly” with her
Chrissy you better stick to your words and NOT jump the gun when it comes to Quick cause she warned you about that.

*LOL* Oh lordy. I can already see where all this is going and I don’t wanna go there. >.> Quick, I REALLY hope you know what’s comin’ down your way soon. >.> Good to see these two working things out though. Well, sorta. And why oh why do I dread the Del Rio Tango? >.>

This may be a misunderstanding, but Hawke never took notice of Rush’s feelings before anyway. I say he should have to try and earn back her affections, that is if he can compete with Swoop.

Let sail the S.S. SWOOSHANA!

Oh but he did, but Rush, being a coward, messed that up in a jiffy.

Personally this is what I’d like to see happen.
Swoop reveals she really likes Rush and tries seducing her to try and make them both happy, Hawke meanwhile finds out Rush has left ship under a false image and gives chase to try and reason whilst the two females (forgot their names) who have a thing for her keep trying to sway the green beauty to be with them instead.
Rush stops just as she is about to kiss Swoop, saying she still feels for Hawke despite he hurt her feelings when her ship is boarded by her and they both confess.

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