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[Makes a clever statement about eating turkey as a clear innuendo, but successfully avoids being creepy, or overly perverted]

i call the turkey breasts!!!!

I’ll fight ya for them. lol

triple threat??

They stand no chance, besides, I just ate it all up. ^-^

i’d like to eat her, and then baste her in my juices

that…….is………a disturbing image

Ahh theres enough turkey to eat there for only one man. And i am not him, ~shoves Gravedigger into the super-turkey’s chest and watches him flair for air~

I wouldn’t flail cause I don’t technicaly need to breathe

Then how you smoke your weed? Maybe give Caroline some? that way you wake up and your giblets are still there and all you hear is a soft purring with the sound of a knife being sharpened.

I don’t smoke weed and it doesn’t matter what she does she cant kill me, and I hear only the purring

~secures caroline to a table and covers her in whipped cream and sends it down to borris’s level and eats some cherry jello with whipped cream~ don’t worry borris is the one you don’t have to worry about tonight.. but when that unicorn wakes up tell him that he doesn’t have to worry about her being punished.

* rushes down and saves caroline and throw borris 5 large stakes twice his size then unties caroline makes friends with her and gives her a plasma chainsaw and a chains to capture necromancers, undead and immortals* ti’s the season FOR VENGANCES!!!!!!!!! MHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!!

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