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that is too cute….

so cute my sister is using it as her screen saver

Okay, I don’t mean to come off as rude this time, but could you go through this checklist in the future before you answer stuff? Or not, either one.
-Does this need to be said?
-Does this need to be said now?
-Does this need to be said here?
-Does this need to be said in front of these people?
… Sorry. I needed to get that off my chest.

ive got that exact checklist printed on a book mark
glad I could free you from your burden, longfur, please don’t steal my shiny things

I’m beginning to see the theme that the Halloween fillers take place at Mihari’s.

she is the Katbox sorceress

Aww who’s a good little Reiko hmm? Who’s a good girl? And the weird stalkerish texter award goes to…

That’s her cousin

errr…nope its reiko if you been reading goyoku you will see the similarity, also ive never seen a cousin of reiko or jazmin in the story o.O

Gravedigger diffidently thinks Chrissy is the cutest

That’s one thing I’ll agree on.

especially cause shes wearing the type of robe I wear on the job

why arnt Rita and Aria in the picture too??

The Feline Five! When theres trouble you know who to call. FELINE FIVE! From their catbox they can see it aaaall! FELINE FIVE! When the troubles harder than stone. When you are all but all alone. They will shower the world in litter. Feline Five. GO! 1, 2, 3, 4, GO! Feline Five.


….. wait….why is there a Bee on the bubble

Is it me, or is Chrissy dressed up as Gargamel?

aww shame on you Lilith Reiko you took Rush’s candy bag, give it back or Eliza will have to spank you.

id pay to see that happen, it probably wouldn’t work, knowing Reiko she like it and beg Eliza to do it again

yes Little Reiko is dressed up as Lilith from Darkstalkers capcom fighting game. or you didn’t know that?

didn’t know that, I thought it was a typo, what is with these artists and costumes from obscure manga and games???? why cant they dress Reiko as a devil bunny, it be the perfect costume for her??

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