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Happy Halloween 2014: Lose Your Way

Happy Halloween 2014: Lose Your Way published on 37 Comments on Happy Halloween 2014: Lose Your Way

Happy Halloween Everyone !

Do you live in Tampa? or visiting by chance? then come to Shadocon and meet Sage (Yosh!), Nekonny (Caribbean Blue), mastergodai (Rascals/KnuckleUp),

and Tom (Two Kinds!) Right Now! at The  InnisBrook Resort Palm Harbor FL Oct.31 – Nov.2 2014


What anime characters are they?

Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill La Kill

ah i’ve seen that on haven’t watched it yet.

(in perfect monotone) watch it right now you uncultured swine.

am i in heaven??

1. your immortal you cant die

If you are, then so am I.

wait a sec, we cant be

why not?

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