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Grow Up

Grow Up published on 77 Comments on Grow Up

hiya Guys another week in the bag here we finally meet Quick’s Parents Ive been back and forth on the design of his father for the whole week at first he had a beard but the way i drew it made him look extremly Old so in the End i settled for a clean look his Mom i had design since last year only thing changed on her was her Hair color . oh well XD

I added a few more Walkthroughs on my let’s play channel  alng as a new design for the classic let’s plays hope you all like have Naomi as an Escort for the Classics XD







till next week stay awesome Guys



whoa! quicks dad looks cool!

yeah he may look cool but sadly he appears to not have Quick’s patience and understanding, as unfortunately he is not giving Quick a chance to explain himself, that plus I guess the chance to introduce Chrissy to them as his Girlfriend is out the question (maybe) we’ll just have to see next week

Really, because The very first glimpse I got of him withing a second of looking at the first fram,e before even reading, had “asshole” written all over his face, and it still does. I bet he’s one of those father failures who has never been able to express love towards his children, only being able to express more or less negative emotions in everything he does. Glad my dad is still such a loving goof, despite aging and being an honest-working employee in the Swedish Insurance Bureau. Poor Quick.

“Father failures?” “Love”… towards his childr-waitwhat? Seriously, Al, dude, bro…. What the flip are you talking about? Guys don’t express emotions. Especially the ‘positive’ ones. And definitely not in front of their kids, let alone towards them. It screws with their heads or something, dunnit?
Loving dads… that’s…. kinda weird isn’t it? Maybe it’s just a Swedish thing?
(Seriously, truly, no trolling is meant here. I just honestly have no idea wtf you’re talking about. If you think you can explain, go nuts. I’m always up for new ideas and behavioral patterns.)

Dang…I didn’t know his mom was that opened. XD
But I am curious to know why he spent so much money.

actually if you start counting his hospital stays a Limo rental chugging drinks at a club and last but not least that beach party long ago it all adds up to an average sum plus
Quick “Bailed” Ravin from jail, trust me everything adds up bit by bit

…I think his mom is laughing at the “There is no c’mon anything”. …Cum on anything…i hope I don’t just have a dirty mind D:

which means she and reiko might get along pretty well.

oh god no, don’t think like that

One’s enough for your fragile mind is it?


hi MasterGodai, names Blake Roten, big fan of your rascal comic and furry art work by the way, so um… I heard on your playthrough on the wolf among us part 1 that Mr. Toad’s kid looks just like your son as I hear you say those words, so um… do you have a son? cause you never mentioned your son on rascals as you sometimes mentioned your life on Rascals. P.S I just started following you as I have just clicked on the follow button, and I have just given you a vote up.

why does every mother in a rascal comic always gotta be a hot ass bodacious milf, and who’da thought that quick’s dad would be so handsome, his parents look good, and I thought jazz and reiko’s mom was the only good looker.

Why does it sound like you think this is a bad thing?

I’m not saying its a bad thing, I’m just as surprised about quick’s parents as everyone else is, if disqus had emoticons like the DeviantArt comment system, and to top it off, I have just given Gravedigger a vote up on his reply to me, does that count? I think my favorite rascal milf would be Jazz and Reiko’s mother. But I’ll give quick’s mom a thumbs up too.

Damn, I lost fifty bucks. No facial hair

don’t complain, I lost 200

never under estimate a 50/50 shot bet for it gets to be a good call and since my 50/50 shot bet worked i was right so pay up

did I bet you??

Spending too much money? Says the one who can’t solve things with a simple phone call. Heck, not even a FREE skype call. >_>

Problem is that, despite all “evidence” pointing the opposite way, people of privilege hardly use the tech themselves, even if it’s something as simple as Google. Sure, they know about the use of it, but it’s the same as people who play fighting games never knowing how to actually fight.

ALSO, in a entirely unrelated spiel, Quick’s dad walked into that one faster than a starving vampire at a blood bank. Doesn’t also help that his daughter of all people would be most willing to point out sticky situations.

in the first panel his dad scared the shit out of me, that is the meanest looking webocmic character i have ever seen, and thats saying something. and i dont meen mean as in bad ass. i meen MEAN!, like you want to go into a fedal position under a table if you even slightly upset him.
please tel me its not just me .-.

dang quick yo mama hot

you can use her tail as a bed

i bet his dad has more than once

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