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WHY is that guy wearing a fuzzy blue robe?

That guy since forever has had a “cookie monster” fetish since school and the guy with the two colored eyes is a “friend” that usually gets Quick into troubles and his catch phrase is “totally worth it” usually after a gal gives him a beat down, and the last guy with green hair is a new addition to the group

every harem Anime right here.

The funny thing Cory is the fact that Quick isn’t the one to want said “harem” he just want to settle down with Chrissy and enjoy the good times.
But sadly he has his gorgeous Sister who manages a magazine photo agency which has dozens of killer bod babe’s which he’s in charge of taking pics (much to his weak heart taking pix of the gals in latest fashions) then he had to deal with Rei when she was there and that was heart attacks of sexy O.D plus dealing with Jasmin that she has changed to a bit of a quirky girl that claims not to be pervy but gives him eye candy unintentionally and Chrissy whom he loves but her insecurity is a bother

sounds like a classic anime scenario to me but what makes this one different is that Quick isn’t the dense male antagonist in every series i’ve seen (or is it protagonist? I forget) at least he knows who he wants to be with.

It seems that these guys think women are things to be shared and passed around, no wonder they’re single.

Not true, I had a girlfriend that for some reason would ALWAYS share her gfs with her bfs friends, but she always talked to them beforehand to make sure they was okay.. but generally no girls don’t like to be shared with others unless they all agree to it

Did the girls forget to tell Quick about about their four way relationship? Because he looks like he has no idea what they’re talking about

No they don’t bother to do so because they think he’s a womanizer type guy in which case they’re very wrong about that,especially Jasmin which have seem to have picked up some of these traits from her sister Reiko in which she wasn’t like this before,

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