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Friends Are There

Friends Are There published on 34 Comments on Friends Are There

Hey there Folks Another week Down while I brave this Thunderstorm here in Atlanta I bring you and Update Full of Cheesecake  Theres always Room for Cheesecake XP

Seems like Reiko Still has alot going through her mind and is Trying to Hide her feelings but not for long till she’s back to her Flirty Pink self ¬†..sigh Cheesecake is one Hell of a Drug..


Hehehehe! THAT’S the Reiko we all know and love!! ANd what’s more is we got some wet Chrissy action! Could there be anything better!?

Good job, Chrissy. You’re a good friend.

Bad job, Chrissy. You’re an easy target.

*takes a quick snap shot from his Iphone* I’ll be uploading this soon and keep it to myself and probably share it with the other guys esp Ravin…. >_> <_< That is if I don't get caught in the act… *throws a smoke bomb and runs away*

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