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Wow Chrissy that was a little too easy. Also for once Raven is making a good point.

I agree, its possible that chrissy really should’ve thought things through after she dumped quick, but then again thought that the only reason why she dumped him is that she the idea of quick being a rich guy this whole time would make as manipulative as chrissy’s green haired ex-boyfriend, not to mention that whats her ex’s name?, cheated own her and later tried to drag into doing a three way, I would like to see those get together again, friendzone or not, so you got my vote.

wat are foldgers?

I believe it’s Folgers, and it’s a coffee brand.

Yeah…focus FAILED!!!

So…does this actually mean that Raven is giving up on Quick or is this like some mind trick?

Raven might have a nasty attitude most of the time, but i don’t think she’s a bad person because of it…might just be insecurity. She can be insightful and honest, like now. So she’s not all bad….Plus she’s just soo cute and sexy with or without glasses.

Of all the girls who are in quicks life, I think Jasmine and Raven are the best fits for him since:
Jasmine: girl doesn’t have any baggage. She’s nervous about starting a relationship, but she knows she wants to try and start one with Quick.
Raven: while it’s easy to hate on her, Raven still edges out chrissy in that she isn’t playing stupid games with quick. She knows she wants him and was (up until this page) willing to do whatever it took to be with him.

By contrast, chrissy keeps having wierd personal issues and letting them screw up her relationship. Girl needs to decide whether or not she wants quick or not so that both of them can move on.

so basically the ball is on her court because as you have all seen despite the teases and other circumstantial events Quick isn’t one to be won over and he is still awaiting for Chrissy to come back to him, hence why he’s not pushing.

I’m not giving quick a pass on this either; Dude has women who want to have a relationship with him and aren’t letting some new drama bomb go off every week.

Simply put theres a point where you need to accept that a relationship isn’t possible and you need to break it off and look elsewhere.

gotta agree with raven either you or you don’t her baggage is basically opening up a hole for someone else to come on in jazz isn’t bad given the time to get close quick may fall for her leaving chrissy completely heart broken he better get on the ball or she may not only drive him away but lose him all together just my 2 cents 😛

._. why isnt any of them freaking out about me hiding in the bushes getting ready for rapeing Quick ._. thye should have heard me fapping to the thought by now
>_> dont judge me, Quick is cute
although…if i wasnt so afraid of jazmin she would be my number 1 target.
Chrisy and Raven are tied for 4th… just saying
-twitches and looks at everyone-

why am i explaining my rape victim list ._.

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