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He’s buying it, now no one will know…..wait…..I have a feeling that Reiko will figure it out soon.

Quik’s appearance in a long-sleeve shirt does increase his attractiveness. But, really? Fluffy wuffykins? I’ve read a few detailed and explicit romance novels, but never have I read one that even remotely used a nickname as…satirically overt as that. Another excellent page with a conversation within the boundaries of possible outcomes.

Omg. You guys were right in the last page! Liona is pregnant. How did you guys figured that?!

either that or all the people who mentioned pregnancy gave Godai an idea so he just went with it just to shake things up.

perhaps or that may have still been his intention but not counting that fans would (A) figure it out so quickly (B) formulate theories and get it in the long run,
i for one thought it might have been some indigestion from that drink she had at the start of the story while others were adamant on her being pregnant right off the bat,

Chrissy will keep the secret. Quick would keep the secret (if he found out). But I seem to recall a waitress who was around during this discussion.

Besides, if she is, the secret will be out in a few weeks (and truly “OUT” in a few months).

Hey Quick, being confused by female antics is normal for males.

That last panel: Bullshit senses… tingling…

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