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Rule Number One isn’t “Don’t trust your opponent.”

Rule Number One is “Know your opponent.” And Sky is showing that he doesn’t know his. Rule Number Two is “Don’t underestimate your opponent.” Which Sky most certainly just did. someone is about to lick the floormat.

keep in mind she’s underestimated him too. thinking him a simple meathead

I wouldn’t say she’s underestimated him. If anything, I’d say she’s overestimated her own abilities.

man, if i had to go up against sky and i lost to him and he boasted at me with his stupid ego and then he humilated me, i would go stone cold on his ass. and i mean REAL STONE COLD. drive a beer truck to ring and soak him in beer, drive a cement truck to the parking lot to his car and fill the sumbitch up with cement and bust out the windows, then get him stuck in a bear trap, and while his in the hospital, hit him over the head with a bed pan and shock him with a defibrillator, and finally, to top it all off, toss his championship belt of a bridge and into an ocean live during pay per view!

man i got anger issues. lol.

She already knew about Skye. From all appearances, she showed up there specifically to challenge him. I’m guessing she knew what to expect and has been training to fight him for some time. She didn’t underestimate him. Although, as Shadowkey392 said, she might be overestimating her own abilities. Personally, I think Skye is about to get served a piece of Humble Pie.

Skye’s combat rules may organized and worded differently, but they have the same idea. I have feeling that Skye knows exactly what he’s doing.

And somebody just DID lick the floormat.

No, I’m pretty sure he meant trust. For instance he said he was going to show her assets and she trusted he was going to go for her shirt when instead he went for the face. She trusted him to act one way because he said he was and he did something completely different which fall to the realm of her underestimating him. The two go hand in hand.

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