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*throws a big blue shell!*

No, not the blue shell! Every blue shell you throw, and a Blue Winged Koopa dies for that. Please, think of the Blue Koopas.

Well now he is now being serious about fighting with her, so let’s see how she stands up to him even tho he spotted 3 areas of vulnerability (that could also be a trick into dropping his guard on purpose)
If she is a better fighter showing an opening is an effective feint tactic to get the drop on him

True. But Skye is also an experienced fighter. I would imagine he has had experience with feints before, and has probably used a few himself. He’s already admitted that she’s good.

And I spotted the biggest weak spot skye has just made, with an attack like that, as simple dodge forward and left a lil with a punch thrown towards the stomach or a kick there, and he will have the wind knocked out of him.

Will this mystery woman get the best of Skye? Will Skye overpower her and end up in an awkward position? Will Rei come from out of nowhere and preform her stealth underwear stealing ability? tune in next time for “The cat-box match up” OR “Kitty wardrobe malfunction” =D =D =D

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