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Well apparently Isabella has never had a fan before and is kinda surprised to see/hear that, buut she’s also surprised to see someone who’s bigger than herself (but is unaware that is Skye’s girl being her flirty self)

Groan, hopefully this arc will focus more on stuff that isn’t fake-sports related. How the heck can you either “win” or “lose” a champion title in a fake game with pre-determined outcomes? Normally I’d say “I don’t like sports, it’s for tryhards, hooligans, people with anger-management issues and lower intellects”, but with wrestling, it’s simply offensive to my brain. Even though I do not like sports whatsoever, I can still have respect for real players with great skill that doesn’t act like huge douchebags, attention whores and/or pumping steroids, but I sure as heck would look down my nose on wrestlers if the sight of them wouldn’t be so horribly offensive to my intellect that I can feel my gray matter dying when looking at them for longer than one-thousandth of a second >_>
So, all-in-all, I’m not surprised Skye is a wrestler. He’s always been one of the characters I have had less than 0 respect for since the beginning. Doesn’t matter what area or subject he touches, he never fails to be an offensive manslut to any moral, intellectual, mature and generally sensible individual.
I’ve learned to live with reiko out of the fact she’s there for shits n giggles, but while she is a pervert, she’s never been arrogant or sexist… in all her antics she is still able to treat people equally and with respect
(in her own way).

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