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Am I the only one who thinks Mitzu’s boobs have actually gotten bigger since we last saw her? If that’s the case, I wonder what else she can hide in there?

A sledge hammer, two machetes, a hatchet, an full-loaded automatic rifle with 5 magazines (Just in case, y’know), a bazooka, seven grenades and the tit sword.

Happy Belated Birthday!

So it’s not a ‘tit sword’… Is it a Breast-caliber? A Melon-chete? Possibly even a Boob Brandish?

Are you sure it wasn’t a tit sword? Just saying…it did technically come out of your bust XD

Kidding aside, Happy B-Day

Wait a minute…mango? Is that a dis to her breast size?

I just introduced my younger brother to rascals, he thinks it’s hilarious, he’s not a furry fan yet, but he will be if I have anything to say about it, I enjoy looking at how the art has evolved since page one (and how Skye went from a bean pole to a muscle bound meat head, lol, now he looks like a wrestler, rofl), can’t wait for the next page, and sry about not saying happy b-day, but the wii is hard to do this crap on, reading on the wii is better then an iPad for one reason……big screen, mwahahaha, well later, I’m gonna go and argue with petite symphony, the wii does not like that site at all, one page will use up all the wiis bandwidth or whatever it’s got, I don’t know, I hate Nintendo now, the wii killed em in my eyes…..wiimote, hah, gimme a control pad any day.

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