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But his face is already covered in fur. How the hell can he tell the difference?

Wow, seriously?

“Look at me, I’m doing self-deprecation based on the fact I can’t draw old people and I’m stealing the insults my art got to write the plot! I’m so clever!”
She’s one to talk anyway, she looks like she could be 16 too.

Someones a little butt hurt.

Uh, no, someone’s laughing at the artist who, instead of taking criticism to heart and trying to be better at what he does, just brushes it off, changes nothing and tries and fails to turn the critique into a “clever” self-depricating gag that doesn’t even make sense because the one pointing out that the likely 50-year-old man looks like he’s too young to drive looks just as young {protip: adding a white streak to a chick’s hair doesn’t automatically make her look like the aging mother of your adult main character}.
And really? It’s almost 2014 and people are still using “butthurt”?

Someone is a little butt hurt.

you know something you remind us of some poor excuse for a writer using another ID to share his/her two cents worth that quite possibly can’t draw out of a wet paper sheet to save their life, begone miscreant (and no i’m not white knighting for my friend just felt the need to vent off an eyesore posting)

Ah, the classic “Let’s see you do better” card. Lemme guess, next up will be “You’re just jealous”, right?

Guess what? I don’t need to do better. You don’t need to be a professional chef to know when the food is bad, buddy. I would at least hope that a supposed professional would know how to make aging parents not look like they could be younger than their son.

Pointing out that he’s making two middle-aged characters look like teenagers, calling him out for it when he basically says without words “I acknowledge that it needs work but I don’t care and won’t work towards doing it better, I’ll just make fun of you all for noticing it because who needs improvement as long as you address the problem” and pointing out to fanboys that you don’t need to be a professional who can make a better product to say something is being done poorly is sarcastic bitching? No, you and the other fanboys just have a case of “I like this thing so there are clearly no glaring flaws in it and anyone who says otherwise is a pointlessly bitching troll” syndrome, just like the Las Lindas fans have.

If you were attempting to make an honest critique about something that needed saying, then why format it and post it in a way that would bring your own personal opinion and feelings into it? It was clearly spotted before anyone else did, and with it needed very much to be said. But in the way you went about doing so you did nothing but anger others because of the seemingly rage induced way of speaking that you used.

It is clear that you either have some form of personal vendetta against the artist or simply do not like him on a personal level. So a critique on his work, whether accurate or not, made in such a way, is useless to any and all who read it. Therefor should never have been posted.

If you wished to give an honest critique, then give an honest one without things such as your personal anger or misgivings being directed towards the piece in question. Then it would be counted as constructive criticism and be beneficial for any and all reading it. Possibly even getting something through too the artist so that he may improve his/her future work.

If you’re going to make posts that critiques others work without any actual structural use to it other than to lower the morale of said artist, as you clearly intended to do with such a straight forward hateful response to the page, then why post it in the first place? It helped no one and accomplished nothing but get the point across that you personally had a very strong disliking for it with the reasons listed following so. Pouring venom into every word that you wrote for no reason other than personal scorn.

Please do not attempt to make a critique, straight forward or not, unless it is constructive and can help or benefit an artist who reads it. Whether that be the artist of whom it was directed towards or another individual who used it as a basis to look upon their own work and see the same mistakes that were pointed out in said critique.

“It is clear that you either have some form of personal vendetta against the artist or simply do not like him on a personal level.”

For calling him out on bad artwork and defending myself when his fanboys jump on me like a pack of rabid wolves. Okay. Yeah, you totally got me figured out.

anonymous is right.about your wording. words convey emotions and yours is obviously seething anger. if maybe if the words you’d chosen had convey’d more calm emotions then you would have been taken seriously, instead you look like a raging dullard, being foul for the sake of souring the emotions of everyone reading your comments.

If you wanted to help being a bit more constructive with your “criticism” then you could have politely mentioned either adding laugh lines, furrows, or crow’s feet to give an impression of aging, which can still be hidden to a degree since this IS an anthro comic. Also, there’s the fact that some people just happen to age very well. Instead, you make your criticism in the form of a thinly veiled attack on the artist’s style when he makes a tongue-in-cheek joke about the fact that his characters all look young.

Again, feel free to find me the nearly-50-year-old who looks like they could be 15. And really, I only noticed because this page happened immediately after people on imageboards had been criticizing the fact that these two almost look too young to drive, let alone too young to have a 21-year-old son.

We can only speculate on their age since we know very little about them, but you may be right. In the end, it still comes down to the artist’s preference. The sameface template could simply be something Godai does to save time since he does work on several comics on top of real life. Granted, it can get a bit stale, but we all have our reasons for reading webcomics. While I do enjoy well drawn art, I’m equally appreciative of a good storyline or even something that makes me laugh, like this one does.

Someone is a little butt hurt

Dear Friends, since we are all talking about emotions why don’t we change the mood here by asking ourselves if this sound like a strip from DMFA, shall we or can we continue this Fucking pissing contest and ruin EVERYONE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. because this is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the yeeeeaaaar”. but seeing as how multiple times you could have ended the whinin, the bitchin, and the complaining, I see now reason why we can’t get our heads together, and talk like old friends after the battles that revolved around Lord of the Rings. for what I see around me are a group of our very own vengeful spirits and fuck all, arguing who gets the merry holly golly Halflings soul. so please by all means, and I mean to specifies, ALL OF YOU PLEASE RUIN OUR CHRISTMAS SPIRIT AND GIVE ANGER AND RAGE INSTEAD OF HUGS AND KISSES TO YOUR FELLOW NEIGHBOR!!!!
cause we all love our neighbors, as the lord said, “love your enemies, be good to those who hate you”, cuz that’s what CHRISTMAS is all about.

Ok, go find a picture of a 2 year old cat and a 12 year old cat and see how different they look. He made a joke that was funny. i never saw it as trying to cover up his artistic flaws. Anthro characters often age well in most comics as do anime. Its a joke not to be taken seriously. if you dont enjoy the comic no one is making you read it and if you have critiques they can always be made in a more positive manner than you are presenting.

“Ok, go find a picture of a 2 year old cat and a 12 year old cat and see how different they look.”

Pfft, wow, you’re actually trying to claim that this samefaced artwork makes perfect sense because age isn’t as readily discernable on normal-ass real-world animals. And guess what? It is addressing his flaws without fixing them, because people elsewhere had been criticizing the fact that these two middle-aged adults look like kids for several pages before this. And really, you’re trying to claim there are no middle-aged characters in anime who look their age? Don’t even try it, pal.

While I do not agree with the delivery of your critique, I will say that you have brought up somewhat of an interesting point.

Although I have not seen that many elder anthros in art, Quick’s parents do look young and healthy; however, this could easily be explained with personal fitness and special care of their bodies. After all, they are rich so it wouldn’t be that hard per se.

I think it’s more an extension of Godai’s problem with “same-face”, i.e his ability to differentiate characters faces isn’t by the actual structure of said face but by swapping the same base structure with different eyes, ears, and animu hair styles. That’s my two-cents on the manner at least.

THIS! This is how to make a proper critique. Citing examples and saying it with respect to the artist. Not the angry whiny sarcastic bitching by Al that started this whole mess.

Where do you see anger or whining or sarcasm in my original post? No, what started the whole mess is the fact that you Katbox white knights immediately draw your swords and pounce at anyone who says anything mean about a comic.

Wealth and fitness don’t make two middle-aged people look as young as or younger than their 20-something son. It’s pure sameface laziness and/or inability to draw older people on the artist’s part.

i say this parents can look young to have you ever seen parents who look young it can happen. so the critique is invalid unless you want to make fun of every single anime since like 95% of all animes the parents look as young as the kids.

“95% of all animes the parents look as young as the kids.”
Uh, no, sorry, they don’t. And go ahead, find me someone who looks like they had their 21-year-old son at the age of negative 2. No one said parents can never look young, but Godai makes them look INSANELY young because of his sameface problem.

Ok Al or AL (hard to tell really) there are a few problems with
you delivery of your “criticism” that I found.

Your first sentence makes you sound asinine. “Wow,
seriously?”Look at me, I’m doing self-deprecation based on the fact I can’t
draw old people and I’m stealing the insults my art got to write the plot! I’m
so clever!”” Do you honestly want us to think that was a just a criticism from
a fan and not just some guy that was pissed off cause of a bad day at work/school?

You never gave Godai any pointers or real reasons
for him to actually change his art style just complained about tiny issues that
really have no meaning in the comic.

Attacking people for questioning your views does
not give you an automatic victory or boost your reputation any at all. Yeah and
this goes to the ones that may be white knighting as well.

A true critic weights out is wrong versus the
whole item before rendering a judgment. Granted Godai could have put some gray
in a few areas but really you never heard of hair dye, or for that matter we don’t actually don’t know
how old they are.

I already pointed out in another comment that adding a grey/white streak does not an older appearance make. And yeah, we do have a good idea of how old they are, considering their son’s age, and either way they shouldn’t look like that. The big problem here is that Godai’s artstyle is very samefacey, there’s lots of characters who look alike or look nothing close to their age, and yes, this IS a problem. He really needs to teach himself how to make a wider variety of designs instead of just brushing off the criticism with “Yeah, I know I’m kinda bad at this, but screw you, I’m not changing jack.”

Thing is, he doesn’t have to change anything. Its only a problem if you think its a problem. A lot of people have refuted your arguments and you are just strawmaning at this point. Like Jebby said below, you are splitting hairs over fictional characters.

You just sound like someone at this point with a personal vendetta against the comic because you are upset, or as I said earlier, ‘Someone’s a little butt hurt.’ Its clearly evident now that you are taking this way to personally and have nothing better to do with your time.

It is really sad.

“A lot of people have refuted your arguments and you are just strawmaning at this point.”

Nah, sorry, more like the total opposite.

“you are splitting hairs over fictional characters.”

Look, it’s hardly my fault that Godai has a serious sameface issue, and no, this is not something only I am seeing, sorry to break it to ya.

“You just sound like someone at this point with a personal vendetta against the comic”

I couldn’t give two shits, I noticed because it was brought up on an imageboard I attend.

“Its clearly evident now that you are taking this way to personally and have nothing better to do with your time.”

Uh huh. I have nothing better to do with my time because I took five minutes of my day to reply to some bozo furries white-knighting for some comic. What it really is, is this site has a huge number of people who absolutely flip their shit at the sight of a single negative or even remotely not-positive thing said about their favourite comic.

this is starting to sound like something you hear someone say about the president and now the secret service is coming down on someone’s head just for using their right to free speech. now if we are going to dig any deeper into the constitution, I say we enjoy the holiday we have and come back tomorrow refreshed and have a nice lunch. I’m thinking of chicken cord on bleu sandmiches, what do you think? cause I think we could have ended this silly, and yes I just said SILLY argument a couple of days ago. so I’m going to have to agree with Al, cause that is the only logical answer to this hullabaloo of a problem and I also feel there is some merit to his words, that is all there is to it. now if the rest of you want to beat your heads against the wall, be my guest, just keep your contagious attitude to yourselves and we can enjoy the holiday, Ok, Ok.

Who just took off my comment and agreement with Al?! am I also being prosecuted for also speaking my mind? cause if I am, that is like actually being the president! now I bet all who read this that it is also going to be removed, just for saying “I agree with Al”, cause well, I should be able to speak.

What these users are trying to say is, you’re being passive aggressive with your critic. You should never insult a user nor use any form of sarcasm. Because that’s just going to hurt the credibility of the critic. A critic must always be professional and void of any emotion/personal bias. And above all else it must be informative. you need to go into detail what’s wrong, why it should be fixed and how to go about doing that.

Your right about his aging characters issues and six faces problem. The later of which to be honest most artist suffer from, it’s no easy fix, I can tell you that from experience. Pretty much everyone here including Godai admits that. But you have to remember that complaining about is well… redundant. Mainly because he’s known this for a long time now to the point where he’s making fun of himself over it. You’re not the first to point it out, and won’t be the last. Rather it’s because of skill level or fan service (pretty much the premise of this comic aside from drama). Godai has yet to change this and probably won’t for his own reasons. Your talking about a man in his 30s that’s been drawing for probably well over a decade. Any mistakes at this point are intentional over over looked on purpose. Just let go and move on to another comic.

if this starts up another argument I’m going to be really, really, REALLY pissed with how no one is listening to how I was trying to keep us from all arguing for the sake of the holiday. and come to think of it now, I am again starting to lose faith in all humanity. great job, now I can mope around until I end up going to bed crying, because that is for some reason I can’t explain what I do with myself. so if you or anyone else start another argument, I am going to start thinking of doing unthinkably unspeakable things to other people. from there I will wake up the next morning and say, “I have utterly no Faith in all of Mankind”, cause that is my strange and apparent malfunction that comes with the whole package. now if you’ll excuse me I have to go feel depressed for no apparent reason what-so-ever.

Husband looks older = Wife looks younger

Husband looks younger = Wife looks like a pedophile.

… Well then!

she said teen, not child. probably meant 18 or 19 anyways.

Problem is that “teen” is no longer defined by it’s starting or ending points, but more the age of the expected number when used in reference or in tandem to a reference. “Teen” as America views it is anywhere from 13 to 17, regardless of if you are older or younger. Take it from me, I’ve been told I look 15 for the last 8 years.

probably a common issue, though the primary point i was making was that pedophile(if i recall right) is used in reference to prepubescent children not teenagers, typically 11 years old and younger.(though i’ve heard some places use 13 instead of 11 as the cut-off.)

Hebephilia and Ephebophilia are the medically accurate terms for attraction to ages 11-14 and 15-19 respectively. just because a bunch of idiots misuse it doesn’t make it right. pedophilia is exclusively prepubescents. and for that matter diagnosis of pedophilia can be diagnosed in anyone over the age of 16.

I never said that it was the natural definition, just that people have adopted the morose usage of it to put a stigma on those who would approach anyone considered a child by society’s general contributors. Most people who refer to those who look towards the younger potentials for companionship almost never use Hebephilia or Ephebophilia unless submitted within a contextual format, and is still almost exclusively used in tandem or in direct comparison to Pedophilia. Like I said initially, while the term does not fit what we know, we have adapted the language we know to make the term fit.

I love how everyone is thinking he’s being too hard even through Quick has been spending money like it’s his. From renting the beach house to renting out that hot springs. Rich parents or not, money doesn’t grow on trees. College is expensive, they’re already paying for the both of them, they don’t need them spending extra money on things they don’t need. It’s cool to do nice things for your friends, but again it’s not his money to spend. emergencies yeah, money to get home yeah, renting out a hot springs for several people no. And just think of what his sister has spent money on……things add up…

his sister is a head editor of a fashion magazine so she must be earning her own big cash so i dunno from where kenny is saying the both of them are riding the “gravytrain” without any cares.
if only Kenny had taken time out to listen to his son things might be somewhat different

I thought Liona was treating everyone to the hot springs…

yes she did (but where did she disappear to?)

You’d think that a squirrel covered in fur wouldn’t care for more facial hair… :/ #FirstWorldIssue lol

she looks like a teenager herself

i always figure she was more of a swimsuit model

she could be

its when they lose head hair due to age and not cancer that you know she’s getting old.

hooooey, bad timing there Rush, but good god that had to be the most hilarious interruption I’d EVER seen XD

either swoops mom will be mad.. or she`ll be like “OH why didn’t you tell me! Im so proud”

That or she tries to marry her off on to a dragon princess. (Not every royal family has male heirs)

maybe, who knows

Hold strong in your love. And pray any or all of the dragon gods she thinks it’s a phase.

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