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Exit Stage Left

Exit Stage Left published on 28 Comments on Exit Stage Left

Surprise here is a new page I’m glad I got it done just in time before the day is done I really wanted to keep the story going  this is a first time we get to see a nervous side to Reiko and introducing new character Nicolas  what role will he play beside Liona’s bodyguard ? hmm you’ll have to wait and see but it does look like he has some history with Reiko and skye maybe even Jazmin too  stay tuned ^_^


hmm from Rei’s facial expression it seems perhaps the two know each other from way back?
all would be told in Goyoku (if donations kicked in some)

Yeah I think it’s about time we have some character growth or at least a story arc that doesn’t involve Quck. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Jazmin thing but at the same time I’m a little bored with his stiuation – there are 4 smokin’ hot, smart girls who are into him. All he has to do is say – “I choose you!” and that’s it. -.-

I noticed the Rascals ‘Goyoku’ comic a little bit ago, is that still going, or what?

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