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Ugh, where is this story going? I honestly feel like this comic has flat-lined; I get that it’s meant to be a slice of life-esque tale, but these cliche anime-themed “pun-per-page” arches have been dragging on and on. As a fan of the katbox who saw this story with some potential at first, I just thought you should know that this is BORING.

Aww, what a thoughtful big sister ! Also, my god that pun was awful.

She has nice tits AND ass!? Their mom genes are stellar! XD
Anyway, I can’t believe the riff raff is back.

i suspect he won’t be getting the sister, odds are she already figured out he’s a lying jacka– and is stringing money-bags along to get some free things.

that she does but I don’t think she’s going to be teasing/hitting on Quick just for kicks, but maybe her clients might, on another hand I still don’t know why they both let Trevor tag along at all, he is in NO way getting in her pants at all

I wonder what makes the blood pressure of the other guy rise that much?

I’m still in the camp that Quick’s sister will be a cruel and demanding boss because he’s family. And a photographer within modeling requires far more expertise and skill than Quick has been alive. Editing I could understand. Any models that Quick works with, even as an assistant photographer, may interpret his lack of expertise as an insult.

I also agree with the reader a few spots above me; there have been excellent dramatic story points that have been introduced within the story, but have languished over the past year or more.

I’m starting to lean towards the idea that she herself won’t be an issue but the models and clients will be. Possibly not so much in a stressful way so much as a trying to hit on him way, I mean the secretary even said he was cute for crying out loud!

After waking this morning, I thought if Quick does assist with photo shoots and interacts with female models, and the women flirt with him, what would happen if Chrissy witnessed the encounter from a corner unnoticed? Would she interpret the encounter that Quick was flirting with them and later confront him and possibly end the relationship? If Quick meets attractive women regularly by way of work, from what we have read of Chrissy’s lack of self-esteem, I would doubt she would trust his fidelity over the long-term.
Then Jaz would use the opportunity to enter into a romantic relationship with Quick.

hold on a second if she recognizes Quick’s skills at photography and editing skills that means even without working experience he must have some superb skills for his sister to aknowledge him so quickly, plus it is probably possibly a chance to be on good terms with Quick for a change?

Every siblings worst nightmare!!

When will the next update will come? Im really excited to read more

Friday I update every week XD

Ok took me like 2 days and i slept 2 in the morning reading this awesome comic xD

but as Godai mentioned you also have to have in mind that he also produces Knuckle Up Chitsu addo asu Rascals Goyoku and project zero so he might be delayed mildly when doing so, don’t “panic” if the update gets behind 😀 (no i’m NOT a staff member but avid fan here to know this X3)

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