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Back in the saddle  after that very Spicy Page Danny left  which i gotta get a frame for by the way  ( Thanks Danny )  now back to find out what Raven meant about Quick Asking her out on a Date and By the look of things I think Raven Jumped the gun a bit . poor girl  oh well at least she knows that she will release some stress kicking butt in ” Fight Fighter 4 ” ( cheesy name for it i know  😛 ) see you guys next week  oh and keep an eye on my FA page for a special announcement soon Containing something New


Street Fighter reference!

“You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance!”

hold on one minute, Chrissy is a hypocrite, in regards to making fun of Raven for getting “Zoned” by Quick despite the fact she flat out dumped and “zoned” him, raven wants him for sex and money, whilst Chrissy treated him and feared him akin to Cody, so Neither of them deserve the “Nes-Quick” if you will, so removing them I’d say Jazmin or some yet to be shown characters deserves to be in a relationship with Quick. so there.

If I may, it depends on how you interpret certain events.

Chrissy, for lack of a better description, broke it off with Quick due to her past and wanted some time off to get her career locked down. She still loves him and everything, but she just needed time to get her head straight. Granted, that might cause some resentment here and there, but that’s part of life. It has been noted and witnessed that Raven has been more into the sex rather than the relationship itself. Jazmin,..might actually be the most logical choice, but I can’t help but feel that her feelings might be “forced” due to family pressures. So it’s really a toss up there.

I’d argue that Raven is more deserving of a serious attempt at a relationship, since she has been actively pursuing Quick while Chrissy has been having drama bombs.

Which isn’t to say that she’s perfect; her fascination with him borders on stalkerish and she has shown a willingness to delve into some ethically troubling actions to get a shot at Quick.

Wow! Raven just got p’owned in public by the guy she’s hitting on. Is it just me or does that line/Chrissy’s stance remind of an old fighter game?

If the Bitch can’t respect, or share, a man’s love for games she aint deserving him. my mother never have had any issues with my father playing ww2 or football games.

No I’m not that young, HE just played games being that old 🙂

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