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I have to polish my grammar nazi boots and mention that Reiko’s line in the last panel should be “You didn’t even take the opportunity…”.

If it’s a small flub I’d leave it alone. After all when we talk are we grammatically correct 100% of the time? No we use less formal structures. Granted I’m not saying you don’t have the right to want proper grammar in writing. Just pointing out a new view.

The original wording was “You didn’t even took the opportunity…” which isn’t “less formal” it’s just plain wrong. Besides, he corrected it long before you got here so your point is moot.

D’aw did anyone else noticed Jazmins nervous tale wag? It’s sooo cute (;3

I think it means she wanted to… but didn’t get the chance.
Or it means she’s lying, and we need to get to the bottom of this. Need to check to see if she lies anywhere else in the comic, and if this results in tail wagging.

No she’s not lying. She’s seen it before. Remember the hot springs back before Quick got his job? The one where Skye tossed him into the girls side? Look back at that page and see where she stares.

Did anyone notice how much bigger Rei looks all around than Jasmine I mean look at her slightly taller bigger boobs and hips than her sister and she is always teasing her about having a “bigger butt”? Maybe Jaz should turn the tables on her with some mild name calling X3

Perhaps… But Jazmin is way too nice for that. I feel so sorry for her. She has to deal with both her sister and her mother with the way they love to think. All she wanted to do was have some quiet sparring time with a friend she likes. Sadly, that is clearly too much to ask.

But at least Reiko is not completely dominant over Jazmin. Remember when Jazmin started working at that restaurant, had earned WAYYYYYY more tips than Reiko on the first day alone? Remember the lengths Reiko went to just to bring her down?

Amazing, isn’t it? Reiko claims to love her sister, and yet she can’t seem to let her be happy being herself.

It’s kinda nostalgic to see Reiko in one of her old outfits from the earlier pages. Makes me feel like I’ve been reading this comic for a while now

So… Jazmins tail is wagging , after her sister asked if she looked at his “package”… She definitely looked, or Quick being topless got her imagination going.

Nah she didn’t look here. She also don’t need to imagine. Go back to the hot springs chapter before Quick got his job. Look at Jazz’s line of sight.

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