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Why do I get the feeling that someone is about to fight someone else for someone’s hand?

You mean an all out duel in the name of true love?

yep. also, yep. and you’ll be able tell who’ll win by who’s the bigger jerk making the bet. unless Master Godia decides to be genre savvy enough to have Skye refuse, because Reiko is her own woman. I hope he does – it’s a good chance to explore a less conventional story.

Maybe she’ll want Skye to put Reiko up for grabs instead of the Belt, that’s my theory.

Yeah it sounds like the little horny idiot got herself an idea to try n win Rei’s heart (or in this case her body) all we know for now is guess that 1 time fling after being plastered really made her have the Hots for Rei badly, not that we could blame her

not that any of us are just wishing it was us instead of her, but also i wonder if she’ll consider the harem rout and option???

F**k, yes. THIS. SO MUCH THIS. Harem option is always the best route. Everyone shares, everyone gets a piece of the (cream)pie. *shot for being a perv*

And who knows? Isabella might just find out that even a man such as Skye can make her teapot whistle in a few ways. 🙂 (…In case it wasn’t glaringly obvious, I’m suggesting she might find she’s got the “Bi” switch to “ON”.)

Not likely cause Issy Is Just currently infatuated with Rei she isn’t exactly thinking of the other girls that she hangs out with, if she met the girls at the photo studio where Quick is currently working that she is modeling for she’d go bananas for all the sexy gals there n then some

“Settle for me”? OK, I get the self-esteem issues. But grrrl, you’re strong, level-headed and good at what you do. Any girl would be lucky enough to have you. But for the love of sergal Jesus, don’t try to win the girl you like in a competition. That’s a really b****y move. Use words and… oh, who am I kidding. Kick Skys striped, muscly ass and get that bunny ninja.

Upvote for the first part. face palm for the last sentence XD I don’t know who’d win, but Reiko might be so pissed that they both lose.

Well that would be a bummer. But we all know Issy’s going to try something stupid. So I’m cheering for her if it comes to that.
Now that I think about it, have we ever seen Reiko pissed, or super sad or depressed or being anything other then being her cheery, horny self (well, that lasting longer then 1-3 pages)?

I want to say that she got bummed out for a bit, but it was mostly off panel during a time skip, so…

Also, hey, wait a minute, I get that Issy is all gah gah for everyone’s favorite pink fluffy bounce house, but publicly challenging for a woman’s…hand…in a televised event is not a good way to stay in the closet, and I thought Issy was all about not getting shanked by company number 6 (assuming #6 would shank her for lesbian debauch)

If I wasn’t so interested in the plot, I would have already deleted this comic from my browser (as I have already a couple other ‘rascals’).

Homosexuality and lesbianism is NOT healthy. I don’t care how ‘open-minded’ other people think they’re proving themselves by accepting it.

It’s NOT good if you’re so ‘open-minded’ your brains fall out.

You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

And not to mention offensive to those who actually are gay/lesbian.

I’d have led with this one…and then noted that it’s been more than a decade since most national health organizations even consider homosexuality unhealthy, and in many cases did not have any effect on their capacity to engage with society in a positive fashion (including military studies conducted on servicemen during the second world war [Berube, 1990, pp. 170-171 [relating studies done by Maj. Carl H. Jonas,
Dr. Clements Fry, Ms. Edna Rostow, performed during and after the war effort]]). A review of studies done on the normative functionality of homosexuals in society published back in 1982 found “Homosexuality in and of itself is unrelated to psychological
disturbance or maladjustment.
Homosexuals as a group are not more psychologically disturbed on account
of their homosexuality”
(Gonsiorek, 1982, p. 74; see also reviews by Gonsiorek, 1991; Hart,
Roback, Tittler, Weitz, Walston & McKee, 1978; Riess, 1980).

This isn’t to say that they don’t suffer (they are as prone to mental illness as anyone else), nor that they statistically don’t have more issues – just that the issues can be derived from their abuse at the hands of others, not something inherent to their own natures. Like being told in a public forum that they are inherently unhealthy.

In closing, I will note that lesbianism is a form of homosexuality, and find it interesting that you felt the need to separate it from the general category, Valkeiper.

I am glad you enjoy the story, and encourage you to continue reading and commenting. But please, be more thoughtful.

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