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Womp womp! Who else besides me knew that this is where the situation from the last page was headed?

i had a mild suspicion but did NOT forsee his sister pulling him aside and clearing up the mistake for him in an instant and making fun of him while at it

ooook then score one for dear big sis for clarifying the situation in an instant, much to the mild disappointment in Quick’s face,
now the question remains if Chrissy going to introduce Rally to Quick as her highschool friend or ask him how do they know one another

Hehehe, that will be interesting.

in a most awkward of ways if it does come up. (hopefully not if she puts 1+1 together after witnessing that kiss they shared)

well, Rally WAS questioning Quick (ever so subtly) about his love-life and had just found out he had a girl friend. Now, she sees QUICK initiates THAT kiss with Crissy.

I doubt Rally is so blind or stupid to NOT make the connection.

I bet she’s gonna work with Jenny to make things… interesting… for Quick and Crissy

Hahahaha! I like when you add a quote for having commercial by Jenny to interupted the moment between him and Chrissy, Mastergodai. I even love when you add the image of “jackass” for Quick in 3rd panel.

I sure glad that Jenny cleared things up for Quick’s confusion situation.

It’s at least better than doing nothing about it, after all, how would an overly active boyfriend react if his girlfriend was pregnant?…

Quick if its any consolation, you’ve just gotten a vote for the “Sweetest Idiot Award” which is quite an honor.

Well, while Chrissy was confused at first, she probably knows what his misinterpretation was…and the fact that he responded to that perceived situation that way does say good things for his character…so bonus nobility and honor points along with his awkward points?

Judging from Crissy’s look in the last panel, she heard Jenny set Quick straight (those big ears have to be good for something besides looking cute) and now understands his confusion.

Also he has now basically admitted to everyone present (and the readers) that he and Crissy have had some… let’s call it “Bedroom Olympics”.

Wow…that had to be the closest save EVER!!! XD
You know, despite Quick not actually finishing his original sentence, I can’t help but feel that Chrissy actually knew he was going to ask her to marry him. I wonder if she’ll bring that up later.

She now knows a… sigh, quicker way to get that done.

Of course, after seeing his reaction to thinking she is in the ‘family way’ may actually make him MORE attractive to her.

She may decide it’s a good idea. Of course, she’ll need a little cooperation from him but I doubt she’d have much trouble getting it.

Houston….We have achieved total critical failure. Ha

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