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God dang it she’s so bitchy and mean….but I still wanna love her cause she’s such a sexy goat girl! Also dat boob squish!

Comeback: It can’t be good filet mignon if it throws itself at you with its legs spread

She’s the town bike everyone has had a ride on that

Any bets on how soon the cops are called and arrive on scene to break up the multiple assault and battery in progress? And yes, hooray for jiggle physics.

I had to deal with other girls like this throughout high school and part of college…hated them back then, hate them now. A visceral gut-dwelling hatred that could have and did lead to violence back in high school. Which means you caught that attitude and character perfectly here. 🙂 Well done!

So here’s a long shot – Chrissy, who we haven’t heard from since Amanda showed up is either A) Thankful for helping her see what a douche Cody was or B) is sympathetic towards the goat as a fellow Cody survivor.

Longer shot – Amanda, despite being ‘a well respected member of society’ has few real friends and jumped at the chance to sex up Cody and be ‘someone that matters’, as she put it. Then when Cody reveals his true colors, she finds out she was a replaceable, forgettable ‘good time’ and is back to little or no friends. After all, she’s hanging with so-called losers instead of her high society she’s supposedly part of. She’s lonely and is reaching out to people she knew even if they hate her guts for what she did to Chrissy. But if Chrissy doesn’t hold a grudge, maybe everyone else’s attitude will soften a bit.

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