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but the thing is Quick is Not a player like them he does not want to start anything with the other girls because he knows in the long run it may backfire on him with his luck. while Ravin and Skye insist he try his luck with the other gals and “sample” them without a care in the world, in which he’s beginning to think now. hmm……what if

Wait wait, What makes Skye or Ravin a player?

Skye is rather devoted to Reiko, while attempting to have fun and enjoy himself.

Ravin has a rather open relationship and is honest with his lovers, whom he doesn’t play them or use them, but lives life to its fullest everyday to have fun.

So tell me where ‘they’ are players? They are actually pretty real people with broad spectrum to them. To just throw them under the bus as players is a bit harsh.

None of which either of them suggested Quick ‘Sample all the girls.’ After his breakup with Chrissy they tried to cheer him up and help him see other people, which any real friends would not want to see their friend remain in a slump.

But I don’t recall Skye, or Ravin surprisingly, tell Quick to ‘Sample everything!’ Like its an all you can eat buffet. Infact, Ravin seems VERY strong for Team Quick and Chrissy, as Ravin even went to jail for fighting her Ex Boyfriend and hasn’t even spoken about it. He did it because he cares about women and their feelings, his friends most of all it seems.

So lets not slander the characters.

oh please mr Ravinism rules you n Skye were goading Quick to check out some other gals n put the moves on ’em and when you introduced them to Tani and her “hushpuppies” nearly gave him an anurism XD

Yes, And? Did you even read what I said? Did you even read what Ravinism was?

I believe Reiko said, ‘HES DOING IT WITHOUT ME!’ Suggesting she really didn’t care and then teased Skye about it by slipping Tani some more money. But I don’t recall her calling him a player.

Nor do I remember Ravin getting in trouble with his loved one. Infact she only cared about if her breasts were bigger or not.

So yes, I am waiting for you to explain where Skye and Ravin are players, because your example isn’t very good at all. Being in an open relationship doesn’t make someone a player.

Hold the phone…where’s Quick Pimp Hat? He does have three women after all XD

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