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No it ain’t, but I think someone will make such. But better that she has ice cream, than bloodshed. But I do agree with Jazmin. This is not the time for jokes Kyoko. Gotta still watch her and prevent her from stuffing herself to death on ice cream.

I don’t know. I think a punch of comedy is a great way to get someone going before the real shit storm. Besides, look at that sad face eating ice cream. It needed that joke.

To Jazmin, it just wasn’t time for joking. She loves her sister, but she doesn’t want her constantly stuffing her face full of ice cream. Especially, when she has a ways to go.

Izzy is locked on. XD

Did you notice Jazmin is looking at Izzy looking at Chrissy’s bum with that (what do you think you’re doing) type look

Izzy wants to grapple with Chrissys awesome booty!

god dang this page xD so much going on and yet i no point in pointing it out because their all straight forward and obvious things everyone else sees xD and theres no funny quip i can think of that can do justice for this page.
i love it

Jazmin is right. It’s time to get serious. And Chrissy, dear… PUT SOME PANTS ON, WILLYA?!

Whatcha talking about she is wearing pants that’s not her bare fur bottom look at the shorts hem when she’s bent over

They have no idea how I hate those cameos of Las Lindas in this comic. Especially, because they do not make sense. One thing is that one or more characters in this comic mention characters from Las Lindas, implying that Las Lindas and this comic are in the same universe, that they are. And another thing is to include illustrations of Chalo “Las Lindas” as a decorative element completely ruining the setting that takes place this comic. I can not wait for Riiser to finish burial this piece of shit once and for all.

Jazmin: *speaking with her eyes* Izzy, don’t you even f*cking THINK about it. That ass belongs to Quick and indirectly, ME. Those two have already been through more flaming shitstorms in their relationship than any two people should ever have to deal with. If you make so much as a single move on that booty, I swear to God I will ninja-kick your well-toned ass into next year.

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