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Just for everyone out there who doesn’t know japanese

Kawaii = Cute
Baka = Idiot
Hentai = Pervert

THE MORE YOU KNOW (just imagine that banner)

This is one super dooper kawaii kitty. Plus those pink tips on her tail very Kawaii. It was very nice meeting you Candy Star. I hope you hijack the site more often

Ahh soka soka narugoto o bakasandesu
Sore wa orokamonoyono, ja’ maata nee!
XD how’s that for ya.

Ok guys i never said i was Fluent in japanese i just know some phrases and words. Enough so i could say hello and have a small coversation without offending anyone… Hopefully.

Im self taught, So cut me some slack. Also im not terrible sure if thats even Japanese you’ve written.

But it was a nice april fools joke. Good Job Mate.

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