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But dat ASS though…

One does not simply refuse “fun” when faced with such ass-ets

Nice rear shot there, shocked Quicks Nose didn’t have a blood explosion.

Haha he survived so far. Even though he was walking on burning coal. Bittersweet though since I’m a Jaz fan. I don’t see what he sees in Chrissy..but I shouldn’t judge.

Well, Chrissy was there from the beginning and he really fought for her, and kinda won her heart.
Jaz on other hand being cute and sexy self was a strong ninja that didn’t really associated with any boy.
So I see pretty fine what he found in Chrissy.
Before they broke up and he started seeing a nicer side of Jaz he didn’t really thought about being with her.
Damn, Raven had more chances on that than Jaz before Quick started to hang out with Jaz.

In this case, I agree with Jazmin. A yes or no would have sufficed. When it comes to cute, sexy girls like Jazmin, don’t beat around the bush. If I were a character in this comic, I would straight up tell Jazmin I had feelings for her and go out with her in a heartbeat.

Even if you were already dating other girl, that you got things sorted out with?

More along the lines of if I wasn’t dating another girl already.

I dont know if I have ever read anything like this… took me two days to read the whole thing! I read Sabrina online, and two kinds but this had me hooked..well played , well played….oh and of coarse somethings gonna happen to quick..hes been the center of the whole!

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