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Memory lane is nice and all, but I would rather hear more of this negotiation XD

Kidding aside, I take it the bat girl didn’t make it out of this alive.

She looks more like a bunny to me. And remember, it’s only stated that she’s ‘Bat shit crazy’. Doesn’t really specify what she really is. (panel 3, fluffy, bunny-like tail.)

bunny with an eye patch

Especially when you consider that Asagi is japanese for rabbit.

I just realized her rivals name has the word “kaiju” in it.

Sisters huh? How soon these two fools kill each other and replaced with a more sane group of bounty hunters?

you always want to kill things why is that?

Sister? Cats? Fighting over the same guy? CAT FIGHT!!! XD

Kidding aside, I imagine that this will probably not end well for anyone. Also, I’ve noticed that Hawke is getting all the ladies, kind of like Quick in Rascals.

at this point I think that’s how a Godai comic works, one dude get allll the ladies… lucky bastards,

so hawke is engaged to a space pirate, who also happens to be rush’s sister, and now she’s hunting them down. not to mention alexis just made things worse. cannot wait for the ensuing catfights.

don’t think Hawke is actually engaged to her, she probably just wants it to be true

she also doesn’t seem like much of a space pirate

oh so all of a sudden we are psychic to tell who’s what by her looks? i can tell you that if Rita is anything like Rushanna she will be even more harder to deal with when she comes around to intercept their ship. that frenzied look on Rush indicates she’s worse than having a cactus being used as a back scratcher!

in MY opinion the fact that she claims Hawke is gonna marry her just screams delusional

Can Gravedigger get a picture like the one with Reiko and Jazmin, but with Rush and Rita??

Can Gravedigger send a copy to me when he gets said picture?

maybe, but Gravedigger has to get the picture first, but Gravedigger can probably figure out how to make a copy

Well godai’s commission list just got open so…

so thats rush’s sister…older or younger?

I guess younger sister

that’s what i thought, but if so what’s Rush got to be afraid of? Unless she is in a high seat of power?

well now a new “challenger” enters the “battlefield” of who gets to be with Hawke and is already informed of Hawke’s “condition” that plus proclaiming that she’s her future husband? wow Saint is some kinda snitch (must’ve paid top dollar for the info) so what will happen next must stay tuned!!!

*a portal opens and bladra appers out of the portal* yo good news i managed to get all but the banshee tears which is tricky i have no idea to get it

your too late he doesn’t want to change back, Rita is coming

how can you be sure

because he loves Rush

Rita seems like the spoiled bossy type

ok but just incase *creates 50 blood clones and give them orders and then opens a portal sent them through the portal and then closes the portal* while they go searching for the last ingredient *opens a dimension gateway which there will everyone see the most advance space ship with top line military grade weapons being stocked up on supplies and fuel* its time for the captian of the kami fox to rise again

sorry cant last time i did that someone tryed to spy on the prototype of weapon zeta but i can tell you this ship has enough fire power to take out 15 fleet of ships and has both kinetic shield and quazro phase barrier along with a slip space drive engine and also has luna or also known Localised.Utility.Network.Assitant a specially made A.I that i created that can create 38 tactical moves needed in 1.3 seconds along of keeping the systems funtional even have 10 back up generators built in the ship and the cargo bay is big enough to hold supplies for 4 UNSC frigates even has a perfectly orginiased crew on board even afe secrets i like to keep a surprise

You go Chika!! You don’t follow nobody’s rules!!

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