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Awkward published on 50 Comments on Awkward

Tony aka upstairstudios on FA once again gave me a hand this week and ran colors on this page  im still in the process of getting ready to move to Atlanta hopefully soon  plus last night my Laptop decided to go Kaput on me X8  ( thats gonna take me a bit) but here is this weeks page Folks enjoy !  also  Tony ,Nekonny and Myself are still doing  Livestream commissions Donation  Drive for Megacon on open mic across three Livestreams so if you want to participate or just hang with us for the heck of it  Keep an eye on Twitter for When we go live ^_^    Enjoy the page Love you all !


“Goombye” is a typo, I believe

Nope it’s actually a slang that was used alot during the 1940’s The last time i saw it used was in a Archie digest couple years back

Well I wouldnt know lol I was born in 2000 😀

Sooooo… what is a 13 year old doing on this here webcomic? Tell me, do you even know what a floppy disk is? I’m 17, and kids my age barely even remember those. My point is, you are a little young to be viewing some of these comics.

LOL You are sounding like a 37 or 47 year old instead of a 17 year old. As for remembering old tech I remember when the OS was on multiple 5.25 inch (really) floppy disks that you had to load on start up and then load the program you wanted to work with. And if you wanted to switch programs, you had to save and quit the work and program before loading the next program.

The -real- question on everyones mind is…

Did Reiko’s breasts get bigger in Panel 1 – 2?

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