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Egh, this comic’s stooping to DeviantArt levels. And I don’t mean that in a positive way. You really think oversizing boobs is a mature reaction to what I previously mentioned about it, Godai? Guys like you never grow up, and certainly don’t deserve any healthy-minded girl that comes along your way. Think I’ll quit with this comic for now, as it’s just about nothing but boobs and hips at this point. Really wanted to see Reiko’s problem be dealt with on a more psychological level. Seems this comic’s becoming just as bad as Las Lindas afterall.

I’d much rather prefer if you never come back. Your “mature” explanation is impressing no one, you sound like a grumpy old man whining about things you don’t like. And then you take a shot at Las Lindas too? Just fuck off and leave these comics alone, asshole.

You’re honestly a drone if you can’t understand where she’s coming from. So far I’ve been fine with the comic because at first it started off with a basic character and some of her soon to be friends while slowly working in a story and a reason to actually care and think about most of the main character presented in the comic. While the comic had funny moments and clearly fan service moments (nothing wrong with it) this moment of all was supposed to be something serious. The inner demon coming out, emotions running wild, dispute among friends, etc. This is a moment unlike most others in the comic. And I have to say the tits at this point are really putting a dent in the moment. While I am all for characters having their own “unique” qualities, this… Is just cringy… While I do feel as though attacking Godai personally and saying they wont find a significant other is a bit too far and kinda unnecessary I will say their overall message and reasoning for being upset is completely understandable. I’m going to see this arc of the comic through and decide if I want keep up with it.
Not that I think any of us saying anything will change the way things are going in the comic. But it’s good to say something and at least voice our opinion. You personally have no reason to get that upset on someone else’s behalf same as how we have no reason to continue harpping on Godai when everything has been said and done…

With all of that being said I really do hope we shift focus from the tits and start focusing more on character development.

Might I add after leaving that comment I decided to go all the way back to the start of the comic and BOY did I forget how normal everyones tits looked compared to how everyones tits look now… I honestly was more invested in the characters back when their tits only took up 20% of their person. But now geez it’s overkill…

I’m a huge fan of fan service. But I’m a bigger fan of good storytelling. And I have to agree that the fan service is going a bit too far at this point. Like you, IcySpice, I wanted to see this story arc take a more mature approach to resolution. Leave the fan service for the lighthearted arcs, or at the very least, tone it down for more serious arcs. Yosh is a great example of how to do this. The girls there are clearly well endowed, but it isn’t the main emphasis during serious moments. And Rei’s Dark Chi Seal arc is definitely not a lighthearted arc. This has been hinted at for a while now, and now that it’s here, it feels like it’s being use to cameo other big boobs instead of focusing on the story.

I doubt I’ll stop following the comic over this, but it does detract from the enjoyment of the comic when it’s “all tits all the time”. I have Hentai Foundry and FurAffinity for the times when that’s I’m looking for.

I agree with you, and I would also add, the level of trope in this comic is getting ridiculous. Evil demon sealed in side a person and nobody trying to get rid of the stupid thing. It was kinda unique when they did it for Naruto, but now it’s just old hat… and a bad one at that.

And honestly, if Reiko’s “demon” can come out so easily, she should be locked up! What if it gets out, and the people who can seal it are not available? Body count to make Kill Bill look like Sunday School.

So someone’s power level is measured in Cup sizes here.

Wouldn’t actually be the first time to be honest. In the now defunct Supermegatopia webcomic one of the female super-heroes stored energy in her breasts so you could tell how much power she had available by her breast size, and in the manga Kanokon the female protagonist’s overly large bosom is a result of her magical powers as we learn when her powers are sealed she starts suffering from the A-cup Angst trope until the seal is eventually broken. I’m sure there are other examples around, not that much different than when you see male supers powering up and getting ridiculously buff and over-muscled.

To be fair animalistic instincts alone, those with wider hips and bigger busts were more attractive to men as it reached them on a deeper reproduction level to respond. >.> Anyway does this mean they’ll actually talk about it?!?!? PLEASE LET THEM TALK!

For anyone who has not read the side comic that this arc is quite literally interconnecting with but on a later date, ahem, most of the female ninja’s have giant boobs. These characters were already designed long time before this arc of the main comic since the Ninja side comic updates even more rarely than the other side comics, and all of them are big boobed, to not draw them as they were already designed would need an explanation, and also, big boobs are infact an advantage for female ninja’s if you know your history of actual ninja’s.

To be fair if the original design for some of them didn’t have tits that exceeded H cups… So I really don’t think if they had smaller tits people would have cared enough to need an explanation other than the artist noticing how ridiculous the breast size was…

Yeah, but if you take into account the size of Talon as well as all the characters in this scene, the person with biggest boobs in this still is Kyoko, and that’s with her girls being restrained via the cloth wraps. Also, comic book depiction of breast size tends to exaggerated, so I would place their breast sizes at around J cup, with Reiko at H cup, and Kyoko at a large JJ cup, and yes, those are all possible sizes for a girl to have naturally as well. But again, comics exaggerate sizes to what most people think of when they hear those sizes, such as most D and DD cups in comics actually being around the size of what would be F cups in the real world. But yeah, there you go, while being massive, their tits aren’t unrealistic except for in how the heck they are keeping them up without bras, but that’s a flaw that also exists through comics as a whole as well.

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