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She found Reikos weakness.

maybe because that is what her mom is Always preaching to her
I WANT Grandkids!!! and well it’s a “touchy” subject for her

reiko embarrassed THATS A THING!?!?!

and i bet afew people would be curious of why reiko gets embarrassed by a topic like that

like i said before both Reiko and Jazmin have been “hounded” by their mother to settle down and give her Grandkids so that’s a subject she’s weary of, and now that she hears Liona is “knocked up” well it’s kind of a surprise, maybe she isn’t ready for parenthood since she likes being “frisky” all the time imo

HA! Chrissy just dodged a question masterfully by passing it onto Rei XD
but Jen is more interested in being able to fend off Rei to continue asking her about it, maybe Chrissy wouldn’t mind getting “knocked up” by Quick but in due time dont’cha think?

There are two “my” in the first panel lel. 🙂

In my experience, pregnancy means 3 things:

1-Strange cravings
b-The mother is gonna get a lot more needy, and it’s the baby’s daddy’s job to satisfy mommy’s needs

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