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I’m guessing her first experience wasn’t so pleasant.

Im guessing its the case of she is trying to stay straight but she keeps ending up with chicks which is making her scared.

That’s my read. “I’m not a lesbian” *always hooks up with women while drunk* “I’m not! I don’t want to burn in hell!”

ps- not mocking that stance, it’s a real thing, and I have no intention to mock someone’s pain or crisis of faith.

I’ve read and re-read, my friend. And there’s no statement saying that girls can’t have fun with each other.

oh. well, yeah, but (to respond to your above post properly then), it’s kind of amazing what people are sure of (or, are at least sure enough of to indoctrinate into their kids), that isn’t actually based on much of anything. And those teachings certainly can have a hold on adult life, accurate or not – knocking the stance just because it’s misinformed seems to ignore the fact that it still can be a driving force in the lives of it’s believers.

There are a huge number of really unfortunate events based on improper information which got a lot of people killed – certainly wouldn’t bring those poor suckers back to life, even after the truth was known, or how many people knew the truth before hand, because they weren’t the people who drove the events.

And just writing someone off for having a “false” stance ignores that they still have influence, and just telling them they are ignorant does more harm than good, according to most studies. Heck, slapping them with actual facts doesn’t really seem to work in a number of cases, unless you really hammer it with a lot of evidence, or take the time to deconstruct the entire stance over a relatively long period of time.

So *shrug*

(And, yeah, 5 pages is actually a lot. I retract my idiot generalization)

Sounds like she’s struggling with her “identity”.

Now that you mentioned it, Isabella does look scared and emotionally embarrassed about sleeping with Reiko, I wonder whats going on too?

I think that she might have some kind of personality disorder? (Just a guess) If so, she probably wasn’t herself the night before.

She was drunk and possibly harboring feelings of bi-curiosity. The liquor opened her up a little and in a moment of weakness, she took the leap. Waking up and realizing that can be rather shocking and almost damn near terrifying because you are slammed with a bunch of realization at once. I went through a very similar experience with my own curiosity. I completely sympathize with Izzy here and I’m very curious to see how Godai handles this.

knowing Reiko, this isn’t something that unfamiliar…well the fear bit probably, but the waking up with a hot chick grabbing some sweet boob action…

Oh yeah, I’m sure Reiko has had a couple cases of girls waking up next to her, regretting the night before and probably knows how to calm Izzy down. I’m just talking that Izzy might be battling something within herself and that might be what her reaction is about. Again, very curious to see how Godai handles this! His writing hasn’t let me down yet!

Well after a wild night of drinking and drunken sex with Rei she is now having some regrets as maybe someone else took advantage of her the 1st time
Maybe we might get a story from it maybe not,

Hmm, I get the feeling that this isn’t her first drunk one night stand she’s been involved in nor did her previous ones leave her feeling even remotely positive about it.

Granted, it would take a special kind of person to feel even remotely happy to know that you’ll be jumping anyone if you get drunk, even someone you don’t like.

Hmmm…looks and sounds like she’s upset and scared by the fact that she’s “done it again”…I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess she’s having an “orientation” crisis. I imagine those can be unnerving.
Anyhoo, looking for are to seeing what comes next! (Fantastic work on this story, btw, Mastergodai)

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