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Is she talking about Quick or Shiro? :thinking:

Yes indirectly speaking Jasmin is saying that she’s in a 4 way relationship with Chrissy Raven Quick and herself and they are somehow making it work awkwardly but now that Shin stepped into the picture she’s unsure as to Wether he wants to hook up back with her (still not knowing his intentions tho)
Felicia is suggesting she talk to him and tell him she’s moved on (which is a mistake as trying to share a guy with 2 others is not an easy thing,)
look at Archie he was in a 3 way relationship with Betty n Veronica for years and you see how that ended up. So No thanks there’s another way to settle things

I was wondering about this, it was never really confirmed in previous chapters what kind of relationship Quick was in. So I guess instead of chosing one he is dating all three of the girls interested in him? (Chrissy,Jazmin and Raven?)

. . .I am sorry but I just realized this how long ago in comic did that one drunken night agreement take place?

I want to say about halfway into the Comic. All I know, Quick was KOed, Drunk Raven stole Chrissy’s Car to Quick’s Place. THe three had a bit of a fight, then Quick wakes up with 3 naked girls and Reiko teased him about it. Normal Stuff in Harem Shows.

one know that two I still don’t acknowledge this as a harem story and 3 while its good people understand the situation it’s just that I now realize that this thing has been going on for a while and for all we know in comic it could have happened a week or two ago

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