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Takes after their Mother if ya cant tell ;3

ALright! Knew I so freaking knew it! Also I agree with quick that guy is pathetic or more than it actually.

im honestly looking at her eyes more .3. quick is cutie so i prefer him anyways

it frightens me to think of what would you would do to him if you were put in a room with him

kick his sorry behind Jen show that jackass who’s Boss, and if you win i’ll take you on a Pokemon match up or even Trade with you XD

Let’s play a GAME!
QUESTION!: With which head does Trevor think?!
YOUR PREDICTION!: Which head will get hit?!

im guessing neither

Well played sir but i REALLY want to believe he will get his ass kicked. A really pathetic excuse for a bad guy.

Id do it right now, but im trying not to get banned a second time

If you prefer puncher i insist you have knuckle duster.
If you prefer rocket-launchers be careful to minimize collateral damage.
I am however a more medival guy who prefers torture before a quick death.

Jen in a Pokemon shirt? That’s both hot and a bit unexpected, but over-all no complaints here! What I’m curious about is her relationship with her brother, do they get along or not? Her first impression was a bit bitter-sweet so I’m unsure :<

Aside from that, I'm noticing she's taller than Quick, who is just a tad shorter than Sir-Douche, who is about the same height as Jen if not a tiny bit shorter.

im fairly certain theres only one guy who can call a girl “Majestic Beast” and not get nutted

As long as it’s not Trevor, i’ll agree.

that’s a clue( if you care enough to guess)

I’m being completely honest. Out of all the female characters, I have to say Jen is the hottest.

Chrissy is far hotter

im sorry grave but I.M.P.O i think Liona and Zoey are a bit hotter to me (got a thing for big girls X3) not saying Reiko isn’t but I could not keep up with her or so XD

they look kinda too big to me, it just seems like their assets are too big to be naturall

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