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Saw it coming anyone? XD though i was hoping more for the 5 ladies to set up a little.. sleep over >w> Poor thing is cute though… has the hots for Reiko bad. Not that i blame her. ^,0

Hmm apparently Izzy kinda likes the circles Rei hangs with and would like to be a permanent part of it by wanting to be Rei’s “Girlfriend” the way Skye is her boyfriend, but luckily Rei didn’t kinda catch on that (yet)

wants da body
but don’t feel like sharing
when down and

rei is sexy for no reason what so ever!!! if you were her wouldnt you feel the same way!!!

Eh. depends, as much on how my theoretical relationship with her would work, as any feelings I have directly. I certainly don’t know that I’d be able to handle that bunny libido by myself, and if I couldn’t, I’d certainly welcome some help, rather than leave her wanting. The opportunity to hangout, cuddle, and maybe have sex, with other members of her harem is also a thing to consider. I, for one, assume that she has several friends that she pays call to already.

Added to that, there is the consideration of what’s best for the bun – who could answer for herself, I’m sure – but, in this supposition, I’m going to assume that settling down is counter to her current nature and desires, and that trying to fence her in to a single person would hurt her. And, as someone who theoretically loves her, per supposition, I’d rather lop my own arm off than hurt her. so…

All this assumes that Issy was going to ask for a closed relationship – at least on the lady side of things. If it was an open relation, it would be less problematic all the way around (I’m talking closed because that’s how I posed it in the poem)

She could always go for challenging Skye for Rei’s heart, but those things never generally end well when the “prize” has more potential power than the fighters themselves.

oh this is not going to end very well in the next few chapters…

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