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#504 Gotta Go

#504 Gotta Go published on 26 Comments on #504 Gotta Go

Run Quick Run! XD

AnthoCon is right around the Corner Hopefully ill see you all there I’ll be at table P11 right next to Nekonny, Chalo , Tom from Two Kinds ,Jesonite, Nai Chan , TonyG, Avencri, Sage, Kadath , KyliiMae  See you there!


How about make harem with no more tsunderes no more dense male lead no more pervert male lead no more bullied male lead no more weak male lead no more hated protagonist no more poor male lead and no more unlucky protagonist only strong male lead smart male lead talent male lead popular male lead overpowered lucky protagonist handsome male lead fearless male protagonist brave male protagonist and true hero male protagonist superpower: absolute strength absolute body dragon physiology super eating supernatural roar meta magic elemental breath armament magic enhanced armor armor regeneration hybrid weapon proficiency weapon creation chivalry class system divine weaponry supernatural cooking culinary intuition magic weaponry weapon refinement transcendent dragon physiology transcendent weaponry elemental weaponry giant weapon proficiency multi-weapon wielding and meta luck am I right guys

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