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calling it now, she either has a condom herself or she is fine with going raw (because she is on the pill).

So close to a good night. With his luck, it feels like he will run into another familiar face or Chrissy has a confession. What you guys think?

Let’s see. Quick comes from a well to do, rich background. He has at least two to three girls that like him and is dating one and about to have sex with her, could have sex with one of his best friends girlfriend because they’re in an open relationship, when his father cut off his College money and he was forced to get a job pay his way in school his sister got him a job where he takes pictures of Semi naked women, and graduated from college. His luck is sooo bad. 😑

He’s dating three girls at once quick your fortune is fine

Went a cat can have a litter of 1-10, a mouse can have litter of 3-14, and a bunny can have a litter of 1-14, so if quick knocked all them up, he’s in for a hell we can’t even imagine, thank god he is going to get his father multi billion dollar companies cause he’d be screwed otherwise

well, to be honest quick from what I’ve read she just might want some of that bad luck when you mate with her. however, with you’re luck it while break at the end. *thinks about knocking on wood* it’s still you’re choose. just keep in mind that’s more intimate without it on. which is what she wants is to be more intimate with you good sir as a show of her love to you.

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