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Did Jenny’s bust size increased since last time we saw her? It feels like it is bigger.

Nope, that’s just the angle. They are same size, look at the third and sixth panel, her cleavage is the same amount as what it has been, it’s just different angles of view making them appear bigger. (That is an actual thing that occurs, GOT and numerous tv shows make use of that effect.)

As much as I am happy for Quick I think he would have been better with Either Reikos sister or the Skye’s Sister

Reiko’s Sister is Jazmin/Jasmin (I can never figure out the correct spelling.). She’s my favorite Girl. Her and Raven both (Raven’s Second) due to having natural sized Bosoms. Chrissy also have natural set. However, all the other women, I have to call into question. I know that it is possible, naturally, for Women to have larger then average chest, but that size is pushing it. Skye’s Sister? I think her name’s Leona and she’s married. Unless Skye’s the Green Dude. Then yea, I forgot her name too.

Jenny is someone who doesn’t mind her brother skipping work as long as he’s getting lucky, combining the fact she helped Quick get an amazing job with awesome benefit’s and she’s probably the best sister ever
also, am I the only one who’s concerned about her knowing the location of some random love hotel, then again, google map’s

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